How to Tell If You’re Dating Ross Geller


Recently this blog has been a little… down in the dumps. Morbid. Depressing. Hasn’t it? Well to cheer everyone (me) up, I’m gonna try and be funny. So without further ado, here are the signs to look out for, to make sure you never date a Ross. tumblr_n7c4ycEtW81salocho1_500

I don’t know why’s only been recently that I’ve realized this, but Ross Geller really gets on my tits. And he was a pretty awful all around character, and I want people to agree with me. So, for the benefit of all those out there who date the male population, please for the love of God, don’t date a Ross. Here’s why…

1.They never admit they’re in the wrong, even when it’s been proven. And when they are wrong, they never say sorry. That’s way childish, and not something an adult man should do.


2.They’ll cheat, then make excuses (this needs no explanation)

200 (1)

3. They’re pretentious AF and always correct you, even on the little things


4. They get super jealous/double standard-y at every opportunity


5.They try and return things in this condition:


6.They freak out over the smallest things


7. They’re judgey as hell


8. They’ll rush into marriages like this…


And this…


And this…


9. Always feel sorry for themselves


10. He’s one of the “nice guys”

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 16.30.43

And last but DEFINITELY not least…

11. He tried to make out with his cousin???????


All in all, if your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/anyone does this; get rid of them immediately. They are a Ross Geller, and you need to run as far away as possible before it’s too late (and you’re married) (again).

So that was my attempt at a humorous post that actually cheered me up a lot to do. It’s not very clever or original but I find these things funny so… if it made you laugh or relive your Ross-crush days then like this post and comment your favorite ‘Friends’ moment! Thanks for reading!


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