Portfolio of Work

Ascesis Media and Hytera UK, Canada and France

From October 2016 – April 2017 I was the sole copywriter and content manager for Hytera Communications UK‘s global social media presence, posting multiple times a day on their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages.

During this time, using strong social media strategy and training that I gained from my time at Ascesis and at 3aaa academy, we raised Hytera’s social following significantly. For example, when I began managing the Hytera social media accounts, their Instagram page was completely fresh, with no content or followers, and by the time I left Ascesis, we had raised their following by over 300, with the average post receiving 40-50 likes.



As well as raising brand awareness and page views to all Hytera UK social media pages, Ascesis were responsible for the fact that 100% of white paper downloads from the Hytera website were from traffic directed from the Hytera UK Facebook page. As well as this, 20% of all Hytera.co.uk website traffic was directed from social media.

I was also the host of a extremely popular Easter giveaway in April 2017, where users and followers had to guess the amount of differences between two two-way radios in the image below. The competition received over 200 entries, and increased the Facebook following significantly.



Other work I was responsible for during my time at Ascesis was project management and client delivery, including being the main contact for the Hytera account, as well as clients such as Structural Systems Ltd.

I also wrote, edited and checked website content for multiple clients’ sites, including The Junction Leisure Centre, EcoGroup and Super Yacht Crew.

Blog and Writing Work

As well as writing and managing my own blog, JessicaGAllen.com, I have written blog content for the Dancemania website.