Time Heals

They say “time heals all wounds” and, as much as it sucks to say, it really does. This applies to both the physical and the psychological. I mean, if you lose a leg you’re probably not getting that one back. But after some time, it won’t be bleeding any more. That’s kind of what I’m getting at here.

No matter what is hurting you, someday it will go away. Most things will anyway. Even if they still hurt, they’ll hurt less after some time has passed.

Trust me, I’ve been through some things that I thought would never end. Period cramps being one of them. But, as everyone with a uterus knows, they end (however not soon enough). And so will that headache. And so will that broken arm. And so will your heart. Your heart might feel heavy and sad right now, whether that’s because of family issues, friends, work, or even for no reason at all. It might feel like you’ve sunk into a well you can’t climb out of. Ever. But trust me, you will some day.

It’s one of the most common things people who have been having a hard time, or people suffering with depression, or any other type of mental illness get told: “Time heals all wounds”, “There’s light at the end of the tunnel” and “Thing’s will get better”. I never used to listen, I’ll admit. They were just words people spoke to make me feel better, but the words never seemed to sink in or hit me properly. I didn’t really listen, and I definitely didn’t believe. And how could I? This type of pain doesn’t just go away? It can’t just stop, surely? I will never get better.

That’s what I used to think. And it’s debilitating, really. Thinking you’re the only one in the world that won’t get better, it really stops you living. But here’s the thing… depression is by no means a terminal illness. It’s only terminal if we let it.

And I know it’s not that easy. I really, truly know that. But there are ways to make the storm pass quicker. To make the rain a little less heavy.

What I’m trying to say is… even if you aren’t ‘depressed’, even if your struggles feel huge right now. Even if they are huge right now, they won’t always seem that way. I’ve spent nights awake wondering how on Earth I’m gonna get over this horrible thing that’s happened. And wondering if the scared feeling, the sadness, the worry will ever go away. But, take it from me, it will.

The problems your facing may always be there, they might never fully go away. But the thing about time, is that it comes hand in hand with experience. The longer you struggle, the more you’ll learn. The more you’ll find ways to reduce the feelings, the more things you’ll find to distract yourself, the more people you’ll find that help you move on.

Whatever you’re facing, it won’t be there forever. And if it will, I know you’re stronger than whatever that thing is. Cause you’re a bad ass.

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