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Autumn Favourites 2017!

Wow… it’s been a little while since I’ve done a ‘favourites’ post. I tend not to make monthly favourites, purely because I’m poor, and man can’t afford enough new stuff to write about every month! Also because at this current moment, I’m making two blog posts and two YouTube videos (check out my YouTube channel…… Continue reading Autumn Favourites 2017!

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Five Reasons To Live At Home While Studying

If you didn’t already know by my countless tweets, blog posts, Instagram posts and even mentions in YouTube videos (oh yeah, I have a YouTube channel now), I started uni. I know, right? Bet you never would have guessed. In all seriousness, I started my undergrad degree in Communication and Media just over a month…… Continue reading Five Reasons To Live At Home While Studying


5 Things I Want to See More In Blogging

If you’re part of the online blogging community, you’ll know that, while cool and brilliant and accepting and wonderful, it’s also very… repetitive. It’s amazing to be able to come online every day and see so many confident, positive people sharing their lives, thoughts, and tips on the internet for the rest of us to…… Continue reading 5 Things I Want to See More In Blogging


5 Things That Changed My Reading Game

More and more often lately, I find myself considering making a BookTube Channel.  As I’ve mentioned LITERALLY TONS of times on this blog recently, I’ve really gotten back into reading. And after discovering that other people have actually read the same books as me (who knew?) and that they were talking about it on the…… Continue reading 5 Things That Changed My Reading Game

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Spring + Summer Favourites 2017

Hello hello hello…. I’m back (again) after a little escape (again) from the blogging world (again). Let’s just say things have been… busy. V V busy, in fact. But now, hopefully things are going to calm down a bit, and I can get back into the thing I always want to spend my time on:…… Continue reading Spring + Summer Favourites 2017

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Winter Night-time Routine // Blogmas Day 15

After two days of awful and shocking filler content that I wish I’d had time to perfect (or even proof-read), we’re back with the previously scheduled (ish) girly stuff that was promised!  I love these types of YouTube and blog posts, probably just because I’m so freaking nosey. I like seeing how people wind-down, how they relax,…… Continue reading Winter Night-time Routine // Blogmas Day 15