Trichotillomania & Cover Up Tips! // Blogmas Day 6

I thought it was about time that I got back to writing about That Thing That I Have, because I sort of ignored it on the blog for a little while I was trying to get my name out there, blogging-wise.But I suppose that if you’re sort of ignoring the reason you started blogging in the first place, then you might as well not be doing it at all. Or something.Read More »

Deciding To Do Blogmas!! // Blogmas Day 1

So, as some of you may have noticed (the vast majority of you being Canadians, for some odd reason that I have yet to discover (if you are one of the Canadians who have been frequenting my blog as of late…. who are you? Also, why?) I have not posted in a very very long time. Like, weeks. Even though a couple of months ago, I promised to be posted at least twice a week, every week.Read More »

Starting Your UCAS Application

And so it begins.

You’ve had a look around. Had a think. Had more of a think. Add on seventy five more years of thinking, and now you’re here. At this point. Starting your UCAS application. 

First of all, don’t panic. As tempting as it is. Do. Not. Panic. You’re still not actually at the scary bit, believe it or not. There’s way more to come, don’t you worry.

In all seriousness, it’s okay. Even if you haven’t thought about all this as much as you think you should have, that’s okay. For now, you can just go with it and hope for the best.

The first step of this, really, would be to go to the UCAS website. But, to be honest, this you should already know. If you’re an A Level/Level 3 student currently (or equivalent, sorry Scotland) then your teachers will have been pushing that site down your throat for the past few months. So you know what it is. If you’re a person on a gap year/full-time work/whatever else, then you might not be as familiar with UCAS as you would like.

In the coming month(s), I will be providing you all with a Full Comprehensive UCAS Guide (although I’ll be naming it something different… that one wasn’t too catchy, was it?) so keep your eyes peeled for that. And don’t worry, it will absolutely be out way before the deadlines hit.

DISCLAIMER: If you are applying for medical-based courses, or to extremely prestigious universities such as Oxbridge, your deadlines might be sooner than you think! PLEASE go and inform yourself and get on your applications IMMEDIATELY if you haven’t already. DO NOT SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU. 

Anyway, now that bit’s out the way, focusing back on us average lot, aiming for the not-so-clever courses (I’m kidding). For the rest of the average-Joe lot, you need to create a UCAS account. Right now. Immediately. So you don’t forget.

You’ll then be supplied with your UCAS login name (which will be randomly assigned to you) it will incorporate some aspect of your first and last names and then a number. DO NOT LOSE THIS. Nothing awful will happen, it’ll just be a bloody hassle to find your login again. And I’d recommend just using your same-old password for your UCAS (we all have them, don’t lie to me), and you’ll receive a confirmation email, yadda yadda yadda. Done? All finished? Awesome.

Now the only other thing I want you to do for now is to explore the Track portal. That’s the thing you come onto that has all the things for your application, looks a little something like this:


Rather than jumping right in and filling out every single thing you can at this given moment (which is what I did last year), just have a peruse, take a look at the types of info you need, what you know by heart, what you need to dig up, and what you need to work on. Maybe start making notes on each thing that you need to remember, e.g. get your passport out, ask your teachers about how their references work, etc.Trust me, as much as you want to go and get it all done as soon as humanly possible – or at least, the boring bits like your Personal Details – you cannot rush any of this. Take your time, and more importantly, Manage Your Time. You’ve got plenty of it.

Look out for more posts in the uni series coming very soon, and also look out for Sundays’s upcoming post, something a little different this time! Thanks for reading,


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A Little Life Update

Okaaayyyyyyyy okay okay okay

So it’s been a little while on here since I’ve actually mentioned much about my current life situation, where I’m at, what I’m doing after A Levels, etc etc. So, for the interest of absolutely no one, thought I’d just give you a catch up.

Trying to remember the last time I actually posted anything about my actual life and what I’m up to…

Since last time, when I let everyone know what was happening during the summer after I received my A Level results in this post, things have kind of done some weird fast forward and my life is suddenly VERY grown up (ish) (I mean… I still laugh when someone says the words “do do”, but at least I’m laughing in an office now rather than in my room alone) If anyone follows me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram then you’ll probably know this already so maybe you can skip this post (just this once though).

So I have a full-time job. And not just a job (I quit Primark a few weeks ago, if you didn’t know) but an OFFICE job. Like.. I wear heels and everything.

I’ve landed myself an apprenticeship. Which is, in other terms, cheap labour.

No I’m kidding. I mean, it is technically, because apprentices have a lower minimum wage, but it means we can land jobs in places that we would otherwise need experience for. AKA, I’m now working in a digital marketing agency. And, because I attend college once in a while and do assignments (which I really should be doing right now), it means I also get a qualification out of it, which will hopefully enable me to skip university and, after this year, go straight into a full-time (and full-pay) job in this field, or similar.

So, all of that added together, means that I am working 9-5 in an office, in smart clothes, 5 days a week. I’m now a PROPER GROWN-UP. (Today, I even brought in a pre-cooked lunch. How weird is that??)

More things that have happened… Um I got a car (even though that was before exam results). How excitingggg. But.. I can’t drive it yet. I’m still learning, but have booked my test. I’ll be writing a whole separate post about my driving experience and lessons and tips for learner drivers in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled for that!

So, because of all these things, and also because I just feel like it and because I have SO MANY IDEAS NOWADAYS, I’m changing my posting schedule. And by changing, I mean improving because for the last like five months I have been shocking.

So, from right this very second (well more like a few days before this second because you’re reading this on Wednesday and I’m actually writing this on Tuesday (look at me! I’m actually SCHEDULING THINGS NOW)) I will be posting on this blog twice a week, at least until Christmas. I hope. We’ll see.

So, those of you who read my posts (all two of you) will be pleased to know that a new post will be up every Wednesday and Sunday evening. How organised am I?

I’m also aiming to go a bit more girly with my posts, meaning there will be more actually useful stuff for you. I’ll be continuing with my Uni series after Christmas as well, but my content might be changing slightly and become more beauty/lifestyle based. That means more outfits, more makeup and more lifestyle. But the purpose of this blog isn’t changing, I’m still all about the advice and helping you guys to grow up in the least messed up way possible!

Thanks for the read, see you Sunday!


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