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Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting University

Welcome! (Or if you’re a returning visitor, welcome back). Welcome to my little corner of the Internet where I pretend I regularly write blog posts and upload them. Wow, what a crazy thought, eh? In all seriousness, the reason for my lack of updates or posts in the past month or so is due to…… Continue reading Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting University

Applying to University Series

Starting Your UCAS Application

And so it begins. You’ve had a look around. Had a think. Had more of a think. Add on seventy five more years of thinking, and now you’re here. At this point.ย Starting your UCAS application.ย  First of all, don’t panic. As tempting as it is. Do. Not. Panic. You’re still not actually at the scary…… Continue reading Starting Your UCAS Application