20 Before 20: Revisited // LIFESTYLE

This time last year, I wrote a list of things I wanted to accomplish or do by the time I was twenty years old.

This year, as I write this, I’m still nineteen. There’s still time, I suppose. But by the end of the week I have entered my 20’s. I will be in the third decade of my life. I will no longer be a “teen”. Read More »


50 Things I Did in 2017

So we may or may not be more than two weeks into 2018 already and I may or may not have been so damn busy with everything life (AKA procrastinating my uni work and watching Jane the Virgin) to write or even think about writing a blog post. But I was absolutely determined (ish) to get this particular one written and published, mainly for my own sake to look back on and reminisce and whatnot.

I hope you (whoever reading this) have had a brilliant 2017 and a fantastic start to 2018, and I know these few weeks are supposed to be like super depressing and gloomy than all the other months in the year or something, so we could all use a bit of cheering up. And what better way to cheer up than by looking back at all the cool sh*t I did last year, even though some things definitely did not go to plan.

So here goes nothing, here’s 50 things I did in the year 2017…

  1. Took the plunge and bought my first iPhoneIMG_0002.JPG
  2. Started a bullet journal (again)IMG_1077.JPG
  3. Stopped smoking (again)
  4. Threw a surprise fancy dress birthday party for my mum!IMG_0056.JPG
  5. Went on nights out…. a lot
  6. Saw All Time Low live (again)
  7. Went to London with ConnorIMG_0474.JPG
  8. Saw The Maine live
  9. Went to a Cat CafeIMG_0363.JPG
  10. Won “Legend of the Month” at work
  11. Went on a tiny road trip all on my own to a new placeIMG_0268.JPG
  12. Saw You Me at Six and Tonight Alive live
  13. Went to my first ever blogger eventIMG_0721.JPG
  14. Spent way too much money on holidays I never actually went on
  15. Went to West Bay, Exeter, Torquay and Lyme Regis on a tiny holiday with my bestieIMG_0842.JPG
  16. Went to Durdle Door
  17. Visited my grandparents
  18. Quit my job
  19. Was unemployed… and it sucked
  20. Worked in LUSH (again)
  21. Worked in Next
  22. Saved over £1000!
  23. Then spent it all…
  24. Visited an absolute angel SamIMG_1109.JPG
  25. Started a YouTube (Booktube) channel!!! Finally!!by owen young
  26. Started working at Primark (again)
  27. Started university!!!
  28. Went to FreshersIMG_1477.JPG
  29. Took part in a Rainbow RunIMG_1548.JPG
  30. Met two members of You Me at Six! (while horrifically ill in a club)IMG_1603.JPG
  31. Made new friends ❤F6BCF767-F1C2-45BE-AEDD-237A29CCE934.jpegIMG_1567.PNG
  32. Read 57 books!!!! wtf??
  33. Went to the Christmas market in Bath (while staying in a hotel a county away)IMG_1908.JPG
  34. Booked a trip to Amsterdam!
  35. Had Christmas dinner not at home
  36. Decorated my room
  37. Posted content for BFRB weekWIN_20170928_15_06_42_Pro
  38. Went for help with my Trich!
  39. Went to the cinema a lot!
  40. Had our six year anniversaryIMG_1491.JPG
  41. Got 70% (a first!) on my uni assignment!
  42. Interviewed my own grandparents for a uni assignment
  43. Been driving for a year
  44. Almost bought a new car
  45. Bought a Macbook (AKA dream life goal)
  46. Went with my best friend to get her first tattoo
  47. Spent two weeks home alone looking after myself… and DIDN’T die (result)
  48. Voted in my first ever general election
  49. Cried at my favourite band’s new album (and so much more good music this year)
  50. Went to a trampoline park!

And there you go! I won’t bore you with a (boring) outro to this post, but I am extremely happy with how my 2017 went and while I know it was a tough year for many, for me it really was a year of growth and change and I’m really proud of myself for that!

Here’s to an even better 2018, happy new year you guys.

‘Til next time,

Jess x

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The Blogger Recognition Award and The Liebster Award! // Tags

So over the past few weeks I’ve had a few nominations for these blogger-tag-whatsits. So, rather than clog up all of your news feeds and readers and what-have-you, I’m gonna shove some in one post, and to avoid too much confusion, I’m going to nominate around 10 people for both tags, and you guys can choose which one you do, if any! It’s completely up to you! But, for now, here are my tag answers… You know, if you wanted to know…Read More »

20 Things To Do Before I’m 20

So, last week, I turned nineteen. It was a great day. I spent the morning with Connor and his family, relaxing, before coming home to spend the afternoon with mum and pampering myself before holding a surprise birthday party for my mum, which went better than I could have expected. I ended the night by going from the party to a club in town and then forgetting my door key when I got home.

And it was great.

But really, in all honesty I’m excited about being this age. When I was a kid all I wanted was to be older, and now that I am older and I can literally do… anything I want. It’s almost debilitating. I can do anything. So.. to counter that… I do nothing.

So, to celebrate the next year of my life, I’ve come up with a list of somewhat realistic, and somewhat ridiculous, things that I’d like to do by this time next year…


1. Stop being afraid of of making phone calls

And actually learn how to make a phone call in a busy office… no one is listening, and I need to remember that.


2. Save over £1000

Which I am well on the way of achieving! Result!


3. Go on a city break

Another one. Athens and Prague in 2016 were some of the best experiences I’ve ever had, and having the independence to be wandering the world without adult supervision is something that I can’t wait to experience more.


4. Go on a relaxing sun holiday

When I was younger I got bored doing the same thing on sun holidays, but now that I’m working full-time, and rarely see the sun when it rears its head in Britain, I feel the much-needed warmth on my face and a cocktail in my hand…

5. Take part in a blogging opportunity

Whether thats a sponsored post, a collaboration, going to an event… I want to start working with more people. (If you want to hit me up my gmail is jallen7137@gmail.com!!)


6. Reach 1000 Twitter followers

Currently on 800+ so I think we got this. Might sound silly to some, but it would be cool.

7. Reach 200 WordPess followers

8. Host a giveaway

Keep your eyes peeled for this one… coming soon!

9. Start giving away books and clearing out

I’m hoping to start the practice of re-reading a book and then giving it away to someone, or to a charity shop, so that im not hoarding them any more. I have way too many books…


10. Actually start my scrap book

It’s been about 4 years since I was gifted this gorgeous Paperchase scrapbook from my mum, and I have a huge box full of souvenirs from the past 10 years of my life to fill it up with. I just… never had the chance.


11. Go to the beach

I haven’t been on a beach day in my actual home town in a long, long time. It’s something I want to do every summer but never have the chance to, and this year I can drive, so bring it on!


12. Solo trip

I want to go somewhere new, completely alone. For a day, a weekend, wherever.

13. Buy a high-end makeup product

Like… really high-end. Not just something expensive from Boots. I wanna be reckless and buy something that my face absolutely does not need, but it wants. (Send me suggestions of what my first high-end product should be in the comments).

14. Eat better

I’ve fallen back into some horrifically unhealthy eating patterns and maybe that’s why I’m not feeling so great recently… time to crack out the veggies.


15. Go vegetarian for a week

I’ve tried incorporating vegetarian meals into my daily life, so a meat-free hot lunch at work, and Quorn products for dinner, but I’d love to start making a real difference to my diet and consumption.

16. Go for a massage

I’ve only ever been for a professional massage once before and, as someone who loves getting pampered, it was like my idea of heaven. Definitely treating myself when I get stressed soon.

17. Get into an exercise routine

What I’ve been working with recently…


18. Go on a Colour Run

19. Play Lazer Tag

20. Get another tattoo

And there you go, my 20 Before 20. I will hopefully, this time next year, be checking back in with these to make sure I’ve done all I wanted to do, which would be awesome.

Until then, what do you want to do before you’re 20? Or 30? Should I make these into a series? Let me know!


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