50 Things I Did in 2017

So we may or may not be more than two weeks into 2018 already and I may or may not have been so damn busy with everything life (AKA procrastinating my uni work and watching Jane the Virgin) to write or even think about writing a blog post. But I was absolutely determined (ish) to get this particular one written and published, mainly for my own sake to look back on and reminisce and whatnot.

I hope you (whoever reading this) have had a brilliant 2017 and a fantastic start to 2018, and I know these few weeks are supposed to be like super depressing and gloomy than all the other months in the year or something, so we could all use a bit of cheering up. And what better way to cheer up than by looking back at all the cool sh*t I did last year, even though some things definitely did not go to plan.

So here goes nothing, here’s 50 things I did in the year 2017…

  1. Took the plunge and bought my first iPhoneIMG_0002.JPG
  2. Started a bullet journal (again)IMG_1077.JPG
  3. Stopped smoking (again)
  4. Threw a surprise fancy dress birthday party for my mum!IMG_0056.JPG
  5. Went on nights out…. a lot
  6. Saw All Time Low live (again)
  7. Went to London with ConnorIMG_0474.JPG
  8. Saw The Maine live
  9. Went to a Cat CafeIMG_0363.JPG
  10. Won “Legend of the Month” at work
  11. Went on a tiny road trip all on my own to a new placeIMG_0268.JPG
  12. Saw You Me at Six and Tonight Alive live
  13. Went to my first ever blogger eventIMG_0721.JPG
  14. Spent way too much money on holidays I never actually went on
  15. Went to West Bay, Exeter, Torquay and Lyme Regis on a tiny holiday with my bestieIMG_0842.JPG
  16. Went to Durdle Door
  17. Visited my grandparents
  18. Quit my job
  19. Was unemployed… and it sucked
  20. Worked in LUSH (again)
  21. Worked in Next
  22. Saved over £1000!
  23. Then spent it all…
  24. Visited an absolute angel SamIMG_1109.JPG
  25. Started a YouTube (Booktube) channel!!! Finally!!by owen young
  26. Started working at Primark (again)
  27. Started university!!!
  28. Went to FreshersIMG_1477.JPG
  29. Took part in a Rainbow RunIMG_1548.JPG
  30. Met two members of You Me at Six! (while horrifically ill in a club)IMG_1603.JPG
  31. Made new friends ❤F6BCF767-F1C2-45BE-AEDD-237A29CCE934.jpegIMG_1567.PNG
  32. Read 57 books!!!! wtf??
  33. Went to the Christmas market in Bath (while staying in a hotel a county away)IMG_1908.JPG
  34. Booked a trip to Amsterdam!
  35. Had Christmas dinner not at home
  36. Decorated my room
  37. Posted content for BFRB weekWIN_20170928_15_06_42_Pro
  38. Went for help with my Trich!
  39. Went to the cinema a lot!
  40. Had our six year anniversaryIMG_1491.JPG
  41. Got 70% (a first!) on my uni assignment!
  42. Interviewed my own grandparents for a uni assignment
  43. Been driving for a year
  44. Almost bought a new car
  45. Bought a Macbook (AKA dream life goal)
  46. Went with my best friend to get her first tattoo
  47. Spent two weeks home alone looking after myself… and DIDN’T die (result)
  48. Voted in my first ever general election
  49. Cried at my favourite band’s new album (and so much more good music this year)
  50. Went to a trampoline park!

And there you go! I won’t bore you with a (boring) outro to this post, but I am extremely happy with how my 2017 went and while I know it was a tough year for many, for me it really was a year of growth and change and I’m really proud of myself for that!

Here’s to an even better 2018, happy new year you guys.

‘Til next time,

Jess x

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50 Things I Did In 2016 // Photo Diary

  1. Went to London on Valentines Day12745625_1039340632755019_6685012793752919583_n.jpg
  2. Went to the Natural History Museum for the first time12743961_1039341126088303_6429238897313796666_n.jpg
  3. Went to Prague535299_1063477243674691_1998539891694183076_n.jpg
  4. Turned 18
  5. Went clubbing
  6. Got a tattoo12936781_1068481506507598_5623370959348771126_n.jpg
  7. Was a Sandwich Artist
  8. Read.. a lotCapture.PNG
  9. Blogged a lot
  10. Went to AthensImage may contain: sky and outdoor
  11. Bought a carImage may contain: car, sky and outdoor
  12. Learnt to drive
  13. Passed my driving test!
  14. Stayed home alone for a week
  15. Went to Thorpe Park
  16. Went to FriendsFestImage may contain: 2 people, table and outdoor
  17. Got better at makeup
  18. Visited my Nan and Auntie’s graves
  19. Passed my A Levels
  20. Worked in Primark
  21. Started a savings account
  22. Started an apprenticeship
  23. Went to a big client meeting
  24. Went on a night out with work people
  25. Went to an industry party
  26. Met new friends
  27. Attempted blogmasCapture1.PNG
  28. Got rid of the crap in my room
  29. Had our 5th anniversary
  30. Bought alcohol
  31. Took care of the cat on my own
  32. Went to an engagement partyImage may contain: 4 people, indoor
  33. Saw The Maine live again
  34. Saw All Time Low live again
  35. Saw Twenty One Pilots live
  36. Cut ties once and for all
  37. Was the bigger person
  38. Read all of Harry Potter… twice
  39. Stopped smoking
  40. Saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  41. Saw Doctor Strange
  42. Saw Batman Vs Superman
  43. Saw Suicide Squad
  44. Saw Captain America: Civil War
  45. Celebrated New Years Eve in bed, watching How I Met Your Mother
  46. Watched Friends all the way through about 4 times
  47. Drove to see my grandparents after not visiting for about 3 years
  48. Went Christmas shopping with Connor
  49. Read comic books for the first time
  50. Tried Quorn mince… and liked it