Justified Injustice // Poetry Series Part 4

A Series of Haiku On Living Where is the beauty In believing we should die? This is not beauty. Where is the beauty In wanting to stay in bed For days, weeks on end? It’s not beautiful. Not brave, romantic, or cute To wish away life. There should be light in Everything around us. NotContinue reading “Justified Injustice // Poetry Series Part 4”

Justified Injustice // Poetry Series Part 3

Ode To Leelah She. She. She Was so beautiful. Trapped, a soldier, a martyr. She was strong. She was brave. She. She. She Was encaged, locked into this world Misunderstood and forgotten. Suffered in silence. Brushed aside. She is not he. Lost in a world, Where instinct And inside mean nothing. She fought too long,Continue reading “Justified Injustice // Poetry Series Part 3”