Blogger Gift Swap Present 2016! // Blogmas Day 17

It happened! I took part in my first collaborative blogger event thing, and it worked! I did it! I'm so proud.  A couple of months ago, I came across a little blogger Christmas campaign idea by a girl called Viola (her blog can be found here), who had the fabulous idea to set up a … Continue reading Blogger Gift Swap Present 2016! // Blogmas Day 17


Running Behind // Vlogmas Day 16

If you haven't noticed by my previous three/four posts that were, I'll admit, a major cop-out, I'm struggling with blogmas. Yes, I am struggling. And it is hard, especially as the next week is going to completely wipe me out. And I can only hope that over this short rest-break of the weekend (where I'm actually … Continue reading Running Behind // Vlogmas Day 16