20 Before 20: Revisited // LIFESTYLE

This time last year, I wrote a list of things I wanted to accomplish or do by the time I was twenty years old.

This year, as I write this, I’m still nineteen. There’s still time, I suppose. But by the end of the week I have entered my 20’s. I will be in the third decade of my life. I will no longer be a “teen”. 

But, in celebration of the end of this decade of my so-called “life”, I’ve decided to go back to that list, published here on my little website (if you want to read the whole thing) and have a check-in. Or a summary. Or whatever you call it when you see whether or not you actually did the things you said you wanted.

Deep breath. Here we go…

1. Stop being afraid of of making phone calls”


NOTES: While working in a busy office, this was one of the biggest things that held me back from really being able to do my job. One year later, just yesterday I called a letting agent to sort out paperwork for my second year uni accommodation. A skill well transferred from one part of my life to another, and one I’m proud to say has been conquered.

2. Save over £1000″


NOTES: Does it count if I did save well over £1000 over the past year, but in the end I spend most of it on an investment I’ve always wanted?? (Spoiler: it’s my Macbook)


3. Go on a city break”

STATUS: Done!!

NOTES: In January this year, my best friend and I went on one of the best trips of my life to Amsterdam. It was cold, it was rainy, it was beautiful and so much fun. I even went to a few cities in my own country, like Bath for the Christmas markets, and I can’t wait to travel more.


4. Go on a relaxing sun holiday”

STATUS: Not done 😦

NOTES: Not as of yet, but the hope is that in June this year a trip to Spain for Mum’s hen do is on the cards – here’s hoping!

5. Take part in a blogging opportunity”


NOTES: Ok so I didn’t get paid to talk about any products, nor did I get to go to the Maldives to find out a new mascara (I’m not bitter or anything) but I did get to go to an event at a local museum for their ‘Refracted’ exhibit, all about art and history around the LGBTQ+ community, and I got to take a great friend and have a fun evening!


6. Reach 1000 Twitter followers”


NOTES: I reached this pretty quickly after writing this list, and I was so proud of me and my little blog following! I’m happy with where I am right now with social media, and am not feeling pressure to continue growing at all.

7. Reach 200 WordPess followers”


NOTES: Again, reached this very soon after my post last year, and I couldn’t be more grateful for each and every follower, view and visit to my blog and my other social media!

“8. Host a giveaway”

STATUS: Not done

NOTES: This is just one of those things that gets put off and put off until I genuinely can’t remember what or why I was going to do it in the first place. It’s not very high on the agenda, I’ll be honest.

9. Start giving away books and clearing out”


NOTES: In late spring 2017, my room got a makeover, and this meant that I could have a giant clear out! All of my books got rethought, and half of them were put aside for charity shops, giveaways or selling. Let’s just ignore the fact that those particular things haven’t been done yet – but at least I cleared my bookshelves!

10. Actually start my scrap book”

STATUS: Not done.

NOTES: Again, even when I had literally the whole summer free of any responsibility last year, I still couldn’t quite bring myself to start this task. Eh well. One day. I’m not fussed.

11. Go to the beach”

STATUS: Kinda?

NOTES: While I didn’t have a real “beach day” like I’ve been wanting to for like, ever, I did go to the beach multiple times in the past year, including evening summer walks and on our trip to seaside towns in the summer. Didn’t help that on the hottest week in 2017 my car was broken down and I couldn’t get around. But I live in a literal seaside city so here’s to better luck in 2018!


12. Solo trip”

STATUS: Kinda, also.

NOTES: While I haven’t been on a plane or stayed overnight anywhere on my own (while I am literally nearly 20 years old, my mum won’t let me, but I get it. She worries.), I did go for a long-ish drive up to a local place of interest (Corfe Castle) on my own last Spring, which was lovely. Time to do more things like that would be great.


13. Buy a high-end makeup product”

STATUS: Not done.

NOTES: I lost touch with my five-minute love of makeup and makeup blogging pretty quickly, and I’m not mad about it – I’ve discovered ways I’d much rather spend my money (it’s books. How did you know?).

14. Eat better”


NOTES: This was a bit of an odd one to write on my list, partly because it’s soooo vague. But even in loose, vague terms, I did not do this. What can I say? I love McDonald’s and Mini Eggs. Sue me.

15. Go vegetarian for a week”

STATUS: Not done.

NOTES: While I would have loved to have done this, I spent a fair part of the last year unemployed and, frankly, poor. And eating well on a budget is, while doable, difficult. Especially if you live at home. HOWEVER, I’m actually moving into a student flat this September and will be making my own food for the first time ever – maybe this veggie week (or even veggie Mondays) could be my new thing??

16. Go for a massage”

STATUS: Not done.

NOTES: I tried (I didn’t), I really tried (I really didn’t). But this one is still on the list! Hey, maybe with some birthday money? Who knows!

17. Get into an exercise routine”


NOTES: Okay so I did technically do a lot more exercise at the age of nineteen than I have done in a long time (especially since leaving school and no longer having to do P.E). I took it upon myself in the Summer of Being Unemployed to start running and working out at home and I actually did it! Which actually leads me onto my next one…

18. Go on a Colour Run”

STATUS: Done!!!

NOTES: The reason I started running in the first place was to prepare for my first ever Colour Run! In October, my best friend and I ran a 3k rainbow run in support of Naomi House and Jacksplace – a charity and hospice that supports life-threatened and life-limited children in the UK! In the end we completed the run and raised around £100 between us for the hospice, which is something I’m really proud of.


“19. Play Lazer Tag”

STATUS: Not done.

NOTES: This was the plan for the last day of me being nineteen, up until recently, when I realised I could not be bothered (and also I don’t have enough friends to actually book a laser tag party), but it’s something I can live without. Instead, on Saturday, we’re going to go bowling, drink a little (or a lot) and have a great time. I cannot wait to spend the last day of my teen years with the four people I love the most.

“20. Get another tattoo”

STATUS: Done!!!

NOTES: Unexpected, as I was fairly certain I was gonna be too poor to do this in one year, but it happened!!! You know what they say: when in Amsterdam, get a tattoo….


So there you have it, the 20 things I wanted to do before I turned twenty summed up. A pretty even turnout, I have to say, and I’m really okay with it. I’ve learned so much this past year and my priorities have really done a 360, and I’m proud of where I am. I’m absolutely ready to go into my twenties the way I’ve spent the last few months: happy, motivated, and absolutely ready to do some stupid shit that I’ll laugh about in my thirties!

Have a great day guys, ’til next time,

Jess x

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  1. When you try being a vegetarian for a week or whatever you decide to do could you blog about it? I’d find it so interesting what meals you choose. It’s something I’d want to try out but have no clue where to start with it all Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah absolutely! If I’m ever in a financial position to try that I will 😂❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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