Five Reasons To Live At Home While Studying

If you didn’t already know by my countless tweets, blog posts, Instagram posts and even mentions in YouTube videos (oh yeah, I have a YouTube channel now), I started uni. I know, right? Bet you never would have guessed.

In all seriousness, I started my undergrad degree in Communication and Media just over a month ago, and it’s been going… interestingly. 

23192099_1594189043936839_1357337429_o.jpgBut, as I also mention every single time I open my mouth (or open my laptop, apparently), I’m living at home while I’m studying. I decided to go to uni in my home town, and continue to live with my parents while I get my degree (or at least for my first year). And there are many reasons for that.

If you’re thinking about uni now, doing your UCAS applications (aw, I remember that 15th Jan deadline so well), or not thinking about it at all, it’s still something to consider. I always thought that to go to uni you had to move out, have a big ceremony of it, pack up your stuff and move to another part of the country to live in a gross flat with countless strangers for a year. But that is definitely not the case, and that’s proven by me and many others around the world, who have managed to happily chill at home while completing their degrees.

So here are my top five reasons (there are many more) as to why I’m living at home for (at least the first year of) university…

1. It’s Cheap As Chips

This is the main reason that anyone who is anyone thinks about staying at home. The cost. The simple fact of the matter is: you get the same amount of student finance, and you don’t have to pay as much rent. Or any, in some cases. I’m one of those extremely lucky (and grateful) cases, and if I’d decided to move to halls, I would have ZERO cash. Which means now I have more income from my loans and my part-time job to keep my car running, pay for any necessities, and even save for some trips and special things in the future (e.g. moving out next year).

2. I Don’t Have To Leave My Friends Behind

One of the most important things in my life is my best friends, and I’m not sure what I would have done if I couldn’t see them on a regular basis, or have them just minutes away for those all-important emergency meetings (AKA going to the McDonald’s drive-through on a Sunday night at 10pm). I’m not the best at making new friends, so having those people I love and trust close to me is crucial.

3. I Can Focus On My Work

When I started uni however many weeks ago, I was shocked at how the people I’d met who live in halls were coping. To have this huge upheaval, have to meet new people, create new routines and having to live by themselves (shopping, laundry, paying bills, etc.) and then on top of that, have to work towards a degree? Mental. I’m honestly not sure how they’re doing it.

But the reason I’m getting my degree isn’t for the experience of uni, it’s to get my degree. That might be different for everyone, and that’s fine. But my goal is to get the best grades and possible and graduate to achieve my dreams. By living at home, I’m cutting out all the other crap that students have to deal with when moving to a new place, and I can focus solely on the matter at hand.

4. It’s Easier To Have a Part-Time Job

Many students choose not to have a part-time job while studying, which I COMPLETELY understand. It is hard, and time management is one of the most important things you will ever learn as a student (I’m saying this as I’m only one month in, Christ). But luckily I was able to keep my job at Primark while studying, and I don’t have to worry about not being able to work over the periods where everyone else would visit home, e.g. Christmas.

5. I Get to Keep My Car

Everyone that I’ve spoken to that lives in halls at my uni has said the same thing on this subject: they miss their cars. Every. Single. Person.

I would hate to have to move somewhere else, not being able to drive, but still paying for my car. That would suck. This way, my little KA gets to sit on the driveway and be driven every single day, and I still get my sliver on independence, even if I’m still living under my mum’s roof. And that’s good enough for me.

Have I changed your mind? Have I convinced you that a life chilling at home is a life worth living? I damn well think it is, anyway. But who knows, this time next year I could be living life in a shared house (which is currently the plan, but God bless the poor souls who choose to live with me and my singing at 2am). However, whatever the future holds, for now I’m happy and content in my decision. And I hope you guys, whatever yours are, are too.

Thanks for reading, ’til next time,

Jess x

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