5 Pieces of Advice You Never Listen To, But Really Should

You know when you can see someone ruining their life, and no matter how many times you try to tell them what they’re doing is wrong, or bad, or they’ll regret it, they just won’t listen?

Have you ever realized that, a lot of the time, YOU ARE the one who’s buggering everything up?

‘Cause I have.

I’m actually notorious with the people in my life for being the person that never listens to advice, and then a few months later, comes back sprouting that SAME ADVICE for someone else. (Sorry, Connor).

So, here I am to hold my hands up in shame and say I DO THIS, and also to tell you that YOU DO IT TOO. And you know it. But you might not know you know it. I’m about to list a few little itsy bitsy pieces of advice that we’ve all had at some point, subsequently ignored, then churned back out to some young’uns futher down the line so that maybe we’ll actually start listening to one another, and the world will be a better place. Or something.

1. “A Positive Mind Equals a Positive Life”


This one is by far the worst. It’s just so awful, right? When someone tells you this, you just wanna shove the positive right up their arse. Well, I do. But the thing is… we all know it’s actually true. The more you look at a bad situation and say “…eh. Well… It’ll be fine. Least I’m alive.” or something along those lines, the better we feel. And the more we do it, the easier it becomes to carry on doing it. The positive thing.

I know that doesn’t make it any easier to start doing, but cut yourself some slack, take a deep breath, and just try.

2. “Drink More Water”


The catchphrase of every fitness blogger, doctor and nutritionist around the globe, as well as mental health advocates and… just about anyone, really. But guess what? Drinking water is good for you. Who knew? Not you, clearly. Now go get a glass, you hypocrite.

3. “Take Advantage of/Be Grateful for What You Have”


Also pairs nicely with the old “You never know what you have until you’ve lost it”, et cetera. It’s mainly the older generation, or those who have seemingly already lost what they had who say this, but it’s true. The one way to remind ourselves is to wonder what life would be like if we didn’t have what we do. From our homes, to our family, to our friends, to our day-jobs. When you put it like that, it seems to put everything into perspective.

4. “Don’t Blink”


I don’t mean in a Doctor Who way (although if you believe in that scary sh*t I would suggest taping your eyes open and never being in a room alone again). I mean in a “don’t let life pass you by” way.

Again, this is something a lot of older people (sorry, Mum) tend to say to us, mainly so that we don’t make the same mistakes as they have, like taking our youth for granted, not appreciating the time ahead of us like they did, blah blah blah. But you can bet your ass that when I’m old and wizened and talking to my kids and grand-kids, this is exactly what I’ll be saying. Because the next sixty years will probably go by in a flash.

5. “Be Your Own Best Friend”


This piece of advice probably won’t be coming from your actual, real-life best friends, mainly because if you happened to take this advice (which you probably won’t), they’ll be out of business.

But it’s one I heard and inferred from countless sources across the internet throughout my teens, and I always just said “nah” and continued to put others’ feelings, comfort and safety above my own. We all do it, and at no point will anyone do this completely, because we’re all selfless bastards, really. But you do need to take care of yourself, and you later on will definitely thank you for it. More than you can imagine (and not just because you’ll still have abs at the age of fifty).


So there you have it. The top five pieces of advice that I never listened to, you never listened to, and no one else will ever listen to, but we really should.

Do you have any other pieces of advice you always ignored, until you were the one giving it? Do you have any advice for a past you, or the generations to follow? Write them down in a comment to this blog post, or send me a link to your own posts, I’d love to read them! 

Until next time,

Jess x

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  1. These are great things to remember. I really need to get on that whole “drink more water” thing! Thanks for sharing! xoxo


    1. Thank you!! Don’t we all 😂

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  2. Loved reading this!

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    1. Thank you! ❤️

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