Goodbye 2016!

I wanted to have completed this post by the close of 2016 but, as you can tell, that didn’t go so well.

Especially in terms of this blog, the end of 2016 for me was nowhere near as productive, exciting or fun as the rest of the year certainly was, which is a shame. I think after so many months of strict routine, 9-5 and motivation, this holiday took it out of me and I just sort of crashed, especially towards the end of blogmas. I’m actually severely disappointed that my blogmas plans didn’t work out, I had it all ready and rearing to go but by the middle-end of December I sort of fizzled out. 

However, we’re not here to discuss that. I’m here to say goodbye to 2016, as nicely as I can.

There’s a big buzz around the internet recently about 2016 just being the fucking worst. Which, for many people, I have no doubt that it was.

2016 was an… eventful one, that’s for sure. The abundance of celebrity deaths, Brexit, our new President Elect, and so much more made 2016 into one of the most turn-around years for the western world, the one in which I live.

Personally, in terms of my life (selfishly put though it is), I didn’t mind this year. It started in a low area. At the end of 2015 I was on medication that severely disabled any upswing in my moods, I was still at college, a place I felt I was not wanted nor belonged, and was generally feeling A Bit Crap.

But 2016 really held it’s own.

It had it’s moments, for sure. Relationship bumps in the road, worrying about the future, exam stress, friend troubles and all the things that we all generally go through on a day to day basis were some of the lower points.

But, I’d like to finish off the year (yes, I know I’m posting this when it’s finished, shut up) with a look back on a post I wrote just over a year ago about my goals for the year that we have just left behind.

In this post I wrote a list of goals (‘resolutions’ always sounds just a bit too ‘changing-everything-in-one-go’ to me) that I wanted to achieve, and I want to go back and just see how I did….

“1. Move out!” 

Ah, the first one, and I’ve already failed. But don’t worry! It’s not as bad as you think. The reason this was one of my 2016 goals was that I believed, this time last year, that by now, I would have moved to University after finishing my A Levels. Due to personal choice that I absolutely do not regret, I decided to stay at home for the foreseeable future, and, unless something changes that, that is how I would like to be for 2017 also.


2. “Study My Arse Off – and get at least ABB”

Now that, I did. Despite a constantly waning motivation for the college I ended up hating, and being surrounded by those who couldn’t have cared less about their educations, I managed to pass my A Levels with flying colours. In August this year I was awarded with An AAB in my Sociology, Psychology and Media A Levels. More than past me could have even wished for.

Image result for a levels

3. “Go Places!”

Yesssss. Nailed it. This year I travelled more than I could have hoped. To some it may seem not much, but this year I was able to take trips to London, Prague, and Athens, with amazing people and making incredible memories. I can’t wait to expand these horizons in the year ahead.

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, sunglasses, mountain, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: outdoor

4. “Go Out and Make Memories!”

Again, I bloody nailed it. Yes, to some it might not seem as much, but with FriendsFest, my first industry party, my first nights out clubbing, my first big client meeting, going on walks and meeting new people, I made some memories this year that I’m happy to carry with me.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, wedding

5. “Turn 18 and Get My Tattoo!”

Yes, I know, I made it to 18. Honestly, didn’t think I would. But I did. I haven’t died in some ridiculous way like Drank Too Much Orange Oasis She Drowned. I had my 18th birthday surrounded by those I love the most, and even had three birthday cakes (eeek)! Then, the Friday after my 18th birthday, on an incredible present from my step-mum, I got my first tattoo.

It’s little, it’s cute, and it hurt like hell, but I love it still every day, and I’m proud of the person I was while getting it, and also proud of the person who will grow alongside it.


(You can read all about My Tattoo Experience in this post!)

6. “Get Help to Fight Depression and Trich”

Again: Nailed It!! This year, I finally went to the GP, and told them about my moods. After finishing my however-many-weeks appointments with the college counsellor (who just wasn’t for me), I asked my GP what I should do, but asked if I could steer away from medication. I was soon on a CBT course with a local organisation who really did help me and give me the boost I needed to start fighting my low moods on my own.

While I haven’t yet spoken to professionals about Trichotillomania (find out more in my blog post series), this will continue as a goal into 2017 and beyond, as I know full well that this condition is likely to not go away for a long time.


7. “Spend Time With Those I Know Love Me”

I like to think this was done. I have spent more time with my close family members in 2016 than I did in some previous years, as well as spending more time than I thought possible with Connor, as well as amazing friends like Sophie (who had her first holiday away with me this year… the brave soul).

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, close-up and outdoor

8. “Make Better Friends”

I’ve definitely lost some friends this year, but that’s no surprise. Towards the end of college, I knew many ties were going to have to be broken as the year wore on. I did meet (or rather re-meet) some great people along the year due to starting my apprenticeship, and I hope 2017 will bring new faces, as well as keeping those I love even closer.


Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, people standing, suit and indoor

9. “Get a New Job!”

Done, done and done. I’ve actually had three different jobs since this post was written. When this post went up, I’d just completed my Christmas contract working in the LUSH factories, which was a blast and a half, but I was eagerly looking forwards to starting somewhere new.

After a disastrous attempt at being a Sandwich Artist (one day I’ll talk about that story on this blog) and deciding to focus on my studies for a large period in the year, I got a job at my local Primark store, where I had a great time with my coworkers, had some good laughs, and actually learnt how to properly fold a shirt.

But, with the end of the summer came a brand new opportunity that brought me to where I am now, which meant Primark had to sadly be left behind while the Big Wide World of marketing and business drew me in.

So yes, I got a new job.

Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, people standing, suit and indoor

10. “Carry On With This Blog”

And yes! Here we are, more than a month later, and still going (ish) strong! We’ve had out ups and downs and periods between no motivation and, frankly rather startling amounts of motivation, but we’re here. And at nearly 50 WordPress followers! And that’s all I can ask, to be honest.

I’d like to say thank you to anyone who has stayed with my from the beginning to the end of 2016. I know it’s been a rough one, but we made it.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another post, my goals for 2017, so keep an eye out. Let me know how your 2016 was in a comment, and thank you so much for reading this.

Happy New Year everyone,

Jess x

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