Blogger Gift Swap Present 2016! // Blogmas Day 17

It happened! I took part in my first collaborative blogger event thing, and it worked! I did it! I’m so proud. 

A couple of months ago, I came across a little blogger Christmas campaign idea by a girl called Viola (her blog can be found here), who had the fabulous idea to set up a blogger pairing system, whereby bloggers sign up, then get paired up to send Christmas presents to each other.

It was just the cutest idea I’d ever heard, and I was itching to be a part of it, seeing as this year I’ve really tried hard with this blog, to get it up and running, and to join this awesome little blogging community I’d found. So, I signed up.

A few weeks later, I got my email from Viola saying my pair-person had been chosen, and it turned out to be the lovely Lauretta from Home and Horizon. After doing a little blog-stalking, I found out about her personality, what she’s interested in, what she does for a living, and general things you’d like to learn about someone you meet. From this info, I was supposed to find, buy, and send to her, a Christmas present.

The thought of it might scare a lot of you. Buying something for someone you’ve never met, or even spoken to? Sacre bleu! Never!

But… in reality, reading someone’s blog – no matter how in depth – can really tell you a lot about a person. (Well at least, I hope it can)

So, I emailed Lauretta with the info Viola had sent, and we chatted about what we were going to do budget-wise (we decided £10), and then confirming we were still interested, and finally our delivery info.

I can hear all the older-internet dwellers screaming at me right now, about giving out my personal information online. But it wasn’t like that. Obviously, safety online is hugely important, but I felt very safe giving Lauretta my info, and if we’d wanted to, I’m sure we could have easily phone called or Skyped so that we could both confirm our identities. It’s really that simple.

So, I went and bought Lauretta her pressies, which are being delivered to her as we speak. I can’t wait to see what she thinks of them! But, for now, the bit you’ve actually all been wanting to see throughout all my rambles, what I was sent yesterday in the post!

I got home last night to this little package all beautifully wrapped-up, and it was the first present I’ve opened this year – which makes it 10x more exciting!


I opened my card to see an adorable message Lauretta had written, which made me smile loads, as it mentioned that, in my blog, I talk about having a lot of ideas, but nowhere to put them, and how my gift should hopefully help with this issue. And then it was time to open my (beautifully wrapped – sorry Lauretta!) present!


And this is what I found!


It’s a book called “The Idea In You: How to Find It, Build It, and Change Your Life” by Martin Amor and Alex Pellew. And I love it. I cannot wait to start the new year off with such an awesome-looking, motivational book, and hopefully it will give me some more ideas and inspiration for where to take this blog in 2017, which I’m sure you’re all very excited to see.


I’m soo grateful to Lauretta for my amazingly thoughtful present (it’s like she knows me already), and I hope that when she receives hers, she loves it (or them 😉 ) just as much!

I’d also like to say a huge thank you to Viola for putting this whole thing together, and successfully connecting friends from all over the place for a super festive blogger Christmas! I hope to take part in future years so that I can meet so many more of these amazing bloggers.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you liked this post. If you’re interested in the gift swap, follow Viola’s blog to see when next year’s event rolls around, and make sure you follow Lauretta’s amazing blog for interior design, travel and general life posts that will definitely make you smile!

See you tomorrow, Merry Blogmas!

Jess x

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