Winter Night-time Routine // Blogmas Day 15

After two days of awful and shocking filler content that I wish I’d had time to perfect (or even proof-read), we’re back with the previously scheduled (ish) girly stuff that was promised! 

love these types of YouTube and blog posts, probably just because I’m so freaking nosey. I like seeing how people wind-down, how they relax, and what they do to get ready for the next day ahead. So, once again, trying to cut down on the waffle, without further ado: here it is!

5:30pm: Leave work, get in car, drive home (I can drive home now!!!) Usually playing either Christmas music, or trawling the radio for any signs of Christmas music


6pm: Arrive home, chat to Mum about our days, get changed into comfy clothes


6:30-7:30: Eat dinner, either at the table or in the lounge watching good ol’ Modern Family

7:30-8: Write/plan/publish blog posts, or do work stuff that I didn’t do at work (it never bloody ends)

8:30: Shower time! And no, you can’t follow me in there… (And yes, I take a bloody long time in the shower… with music and all. Don’t judge)


9:00: Catch up on Vlogmas! I am adoring everyone’s vlogmas videos right now, and blogmas posts! Going through my Twitter and reading everyone’s posts gives me so much pride and inspiration for the blogging community (if you want me to read your posts, follow me on here or on Twitter @jessicagallen_ !!)

10:00: Bed time! And if I can, I’ll get in to bed even earlier. I will probably continue to read blogs and watch YouTube, scroll through Twitter and Instagram, and possibly read Harry Potter (my current reread for the millionth time).


Then I’ll put Friends on (because it relaxes me… again, no judgement please), and because I’m so freaking tired these days, I will probably fall asleep as soon as I close my eyes!

And there you have it. A girly post that hopefully, with the coming seasons, will improve as my life (maybe) gets more interesting! Have a good evening everyone, see you tomorrow for the next day of Blogmas!

Much love, Jess x


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