Going Through a Dry Patch // Blogmas Day 14

As it gets to about this time in the month of December, all the internet creators and publishers tend to get a bit… dried out. And not in the way of they can’t make any more content, but more in the sense that they are getting a bit tired. 

Blogmas, vlogmas, and everything in between takes a lot of work. Those who believe blogger and video-makers and whatever else on the Internet have it easy, you are totally and completely wrong. It takes time, patience, talent, determination, and a never-ending supply of creativity and energy (which I’m afraid to say, I do run out of quite a lot).

And during a time like blogmas, it’s easy to get caught up in the ideas and the creative atmosphere that permeates Twitter and Instagram and WordPress towards the end of November. Where everyone is sharing their schedules, their excitement for the month ahead. Some might start planning and even creating their first few day’s worth of content, just in case.

But it’s about now that everyone sort of… dries up. We still have those ideas, and that inspiration, but motivation is thin on the ground, and tiredness is super thick. Like.. I am so freaking tired, and I have no idea why. But I’m determined to put up a post everyday, no matter what it is, because I’ve never tried and succeeded this far in anything like this before.

So in these times of motivation loss and running-out-of-ideas-time, I’m gonna chuck a few quick tips at you, to get the ball rolling again (I apologize):

  1. Take Some Time Away

I know this is the opposite of what the part of your brain that wants to get everything done is trying to do, but do take time away from your content platform just to have a think. Or even not to think. Do something else. While blogmas and vlogmas and whathaveyou are awesome things to take part in, it can be very overwhelming and all-consuming to be in the content-creating mode all-day everyday. Get out, do things, see people. That way you actually have things to make content about! Winner!

2. Write Everything Down

When you’re out doing these exciting winter-y things, and seeing people, if you have ideas (even from October/November/whenever) , write them down! That way, you’re never short of posts and videos and drawings, no matter how much you dry up during the mid-December slump. At the end of November, I compiled a huge list of blog post ideas that I could refer back to, if needed.

With this, make sure you don’t have a plethora of posts that take a lot of work and planning as back-up posts, because if you’re like me, it will be the evening the post is supposed to go up, and you’ll be frantically trying to piece the words together to get the post up before midnight.

3. Don’t Force It

No matter what, no matter how much you want to successfully blogmas just this once, don’t force your content. And no matter what, don’t be like me, because I am a huge goddamn hypocrite.

4. Use the Internet To Your Advantage

There are so many places to draw inspiration from these days! If you’re feeling stuck, have a few days missing from your blogmas schedule, and you just can’t think og anything… have a look. Have a Google. Go on Twitter and search the Blogmas hashtag, or go on blogging boards on Pinterest for inspiration. Don’t be afraid to be a magpie, take those ideas and make them your own!


And there it is… my tiny tips for getting through the mid-month slump that I am currently in. Unfortunately my problem isn’t ideas… it’s time. Bloody work, being full-time and things. How dare it.

Anyway, have a good evening everyone, and see you tomorrow for (a hopefully much better quality!) blogmas day 15!


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