Makeup Revolution 12 Days of Christmas Box Review! // Blogmas Day 8

Happy blogmas day 8 everyone! We’re officially over one week in, and I haven’t missed a post yet, it must be a bloody Christmas miracle!

Today, I’m going to be showing something I naughtily splurged on (ew) over Black Friday, and giving it a cheeky review! 

To many, this purchase might be an absolutely minuscule one, of completely no significance. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people. I am a poor young person, and risking my bank balance on something over a tenner for myself just before Christmas is highly risky behaviour that I would normally not indulge in. But I did. And this is what I bought:



The Makeup Revolution 12 Days of Christmas Gift Box – RRP £50 – Black Friday Superdrug offer = £25!!

Half price! How good is that? Although now I can’t find it on the Superdrug website, so I’m helping you guys out with a link to TAM Beauty where you can get it for £35 (you’re welcome). So, without further ado, let’s get into the products and my (obviously crucial) opinions!! I would have provided pictures of the products on my actual skin, if lighting when making this post hadn’t been such a bloody nightmare, but expect pictures with products in future posts! Sorry!

First, let’s talk about the actual box. Is this not the most beautifully presented makeup box/set ever? I adore the packaging, its so sleek and luxurious looking, especially for a drugstore brand. And the slogan along the top of the box? Agree 1000%.


Lip Gloss Nude Edit

These three products, while not bad quality, do confuse me quite a bit. On the back of the box, it lists that there is “1 intense liquid lipstick, 1 nude cream and a high shine nude lipgloss”, however once the box has been opened, you have absolutely no idea which is which. On top of this, these colours are so goddamn pale. I’m a fair skinned white person, and I dread to think what these would look like on someone with darker skin than I, because I can only use the darkest shade (what I think is the lipgloss), because of how light the others are.

Aside from these setbacks, the products are a nice formula. But overall, a solid 4/10 on this one.


Blush Palette

Now this is where things get awesome. I love this blush palette. I’ve never really been into blush, or saw the point of it, until I started using these. There’s a nice range of bright, summery colours to darker and warmer grey-nude pinks that I’ve been using this winter, the pigmentation and blending is great, and I can’t wait to get to use all of these shades. 9/10 for these!


Ultra Strobe Balm Palette

Now this was what I was hella excited about (yes I just said hella) when I ordered the box, the HIGHLIGHTERS (or “strobe balms”) basically, this little palette of 8 cream highlights are so. freaking. awesome. The different colours are so cool, covering all bases of eye looks to match, skin tones and everything you might want in highlights, plus the quality is awesome and the glow is just beautiful.

The only issue I have with these is getting them on, application is not the easiest with creams, but that might just be my complete ineptitude with makeup. 9/10 again!



Aqua Priming Base

I have never ever used a primer before in my life, so I have nothing to compare this to, but after using it once (saving it for special occasions because ya girl doesn’t have money to spend on primer all the time!), but this worked well! The time I used it, I had a lot of makeup on, but this product made application smooth and seamless, and I didn’t have any horrific outbreaks after that night, so I have nothing to complain about! 8/10.


Makeup Fixing Spray

I’ve only used this once, as I sort of want to save it for the special occasions where I really need my makeup to go a long way, like events and days out, etc. But for what it’s worth, this worked! I went out last week to a party, and even wore a mask over my makeup, and not one thing smudged or moved an inch, so very impressed with this. It did feel slightly sticky on application, but the smell is nice, and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality. 8/10!


Ultra Strobe Cream

This box seems to have a large proportion of highlights compared to other products, but you do not see me complaining! While I do prefer the balm palette for its pigmentation and creaminess, I like the strobe cream for a little bit of sparkle, and will most likely be using this over the Christmas period, so I’m giving this a 7/10!


Ultra Strobe Stick

See what I mean about the highlight? This two-ended strobe stick is cute, and a good idea, especially if you wanted a more portable version of the balm palette, this is the solution. However the quality again, is not as good as the balms, but it does the job, and it makes a nice addition to the plethora of highlight. 6/10!


Focus & Fix Eye Primer

As with the other priming product in this set, I’ve never used anything like this before, and I only have used it once so far. It reminded me of concealer more than anything, but I do think it’s a value for money product that will last me a long time, I had no problems with my eye makeup when using this, and it kept my skin nice and soft, 8/10 (even with nothing to compare it to!).


Ultra Contour Stick

As the only bronzing/contouring product in this box (which I was surprised with), I am very happy with this! The shade of contour, while perhaps too light for those with darker skin than I, is very warm toned and soft (although I find myself either using way too much and looking like I have a poo stain on my face, or nothing at all), and blends well! It’s also much more portable than, say, a gigantic contour palette, and I’ll be using this a lot! 8/10!


HD Pro Brows

I am one of those people who, before buying this box, had only ever used pencil products on my brows (there was that one time where I used a shimmery eye-shadow, but we don’t talk about that (shimmery? I ask you.))

But I absolutely love this product. Once again, I have no frame of reference, but I think these powders are just amazing quality, they fill everything in great, and the added extras within the palette (brow gels and highlights and what have you) are just an added bonus! The only thing I would say could be improved with this brow palette, is that while the colours used suit my brow and hair colour brilliantly, they would not fare well with someone who has light brows, or even black brows. Something to keep in mind, Makeup Revolution. 9/10!


Eye shadow Palette 1 – Matte

The first of the eye-shadow palettes in this box (yes, there’s two), holds just matte shades, which is not a bad thing at all! I love a good bit of shimmer, but there is a limit. And as someone experimenting with eye looks at the moment, matte is probably my safest bet.

But I love the shades in this, there’s a huge range of matte nudes that are great for experimenting and warm winter/autumn looks, and along the bottom are just a few pops of colour to give you the chance to go bold (if you want). As well as this, the pigmentation on these is so good for the price that they would be in store alone! I highly recommend these palettes. 9/10


Eye-shadow Palette 2 – Matte and Shimmer

Expanding on the last point just made (same points apply with pigmentation), the only issue I have with both eye-shadow palettes is the similarities between the two. My only wish with these would be that there’s just a bit more of a difference between the two and their matching matte nude shades. Other than that, I love the colours, I love the quality, and I love me some shimmer. 9/10!


And there you have it, my first ever actual makeup review! How weird, am I like, a proper woman now? No? Okay.

I hope this wasn’t too long, boring and horrific, let me know if you enjoyed it and if you’ll be considering Makeup Revolution products in the future (I will). Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow,

Jess. x



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