Trichotillomania & Cover Up Tips! // Blogmas Day 6

I thought it was about time that I got back to writing about That Thing That I Have, because I sort of ignored it on the blog for a little while I was trying to get my name out there, blogging-wise.But I suppose that if you’re sort of ignoring the reason you started blogging in the first place, then you might as well not be doing it at all. Or something.

For those who are unaware, I suffer from a condition called Trichotillomania. It’s a mental sort of thing, that makes me pull my hair out. Not in a violent “I’m so stressed I could yank out my hair” sort of way, but more of in the way that most people pick or bite their nails, or pick spots. That sort of thing.

It’s classified in the ICD10 and DMV-V as an Impulse Control Disorder, so sort of similar to OCD, but not really. But that’s how I explain it to most people, ’cause its easiest. If you want to find out more, go onto the NHS or Wiki pages, or you could read my three previous posts about the matter (here’s where I introduced The Thing; here’s where I talked about FAQs of The Thing; and here’s where I told everyone that The Thing isn’t self harm).

Now that bit’s out of the way, I suppose you want to hear some tips for dealing with Trich? Cor, don’t want much do you?

1. For Hair Pullers

Get a Haircut

I myself, am a hair puller. And my first piece of advice for concealing bald patches is something that I would run screaming from on a regular basis. That is, getting a haircut. I am so terrified of the hairdressers, I might as well employ one person  to cut my hair for the rest of my life, and pay them not to ask me why I’m bald.

But this petrifying prospect can be useful. If you’re feeling brave one day, give it a try. Walk in to the hairdressers (I prefer going on my own, so that family or friends don’t see my patches, I’d rather a stranger than them) and just asking what they can do to help cover up the damage. Hairdressers are similar to doctors in the fact that they have absolutely seen everything before (and they can work miracles). Even worse than yours, I guarantee. You are just another customer to them, and if you ask them not to mention it, they wont. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone.  And, a good old wash, cut and blow-dry, does wonders for your self-esteem.


Eye Shadow Filler


Another good tip I’ve learnt from the Trich community is to use eye shadows to cover up thin, or even bald patches. Patting some product over your patches can make your hair look filled in, and can avoid the nasty shock of hair versus scalp colouring, and just sort of softens the blow. Combine this with other cover-up methods (like bandanas, putting hair up and extensions), and this could be a go-to method for scalp-pullers. (And if you can’t find an eyeshadow that matches your hair, try eyebrow kits which are very popular these days. Their shades will be both matte (you don’t want a shimmery head!) and match your hair even closer.

2. For Eyelash Pullers 



Although obvious, I’ve actually used this method for years now. Before I pulled from my head, or my eyebrows, I pulled from my eyelashes. Ever since the age of about 9, I’ve been intermittently bald in the eyelid area, so this one is sort of my forte.

I would first of all suggest liquid eyeliner. I am extremely lucky that we’re now living in the Era of Winged Eyeliner, as it has been an absolute life saver for me. In about two years, I can probably count the amount of days that I’ve forgone wearing winged eyeliner on one hand. It gives everyone the illusion that there is something there that isn’t, and because I wear it so much, I like to think I’ve become pretty good at it, and I’ve even had a number of compliments from complete strangers on my wing!

DSCF1037.JPG (please ignore my wet hair!)

Eyeliner x2


To second my previous point, this tip is about EVEN MORE EYELINER. That’s right. Even more.

Not only do I use winged eyeliner, but before I got into that make-up phase, I used pencil eyeliner to give my eyes the illusion of being a bit fuller, and framed by… something. I use kohl pencil eyeliner in my waterlines (both top and bottom).

I will say that this may not be the best for my eyes, and I have been told off by beauty gurus, saying that this is a follicle-faux-pas. But, it’s always worked for me, and it’s a safety net. Even if liquid eyeliner isn’t available, this little trick makes me feel just that bit more presentable.

 False Eyelashes

Then, the most popular and obvious of the eyelash-puller tips, eyelash extensions, falsies, and individual stick-on lashes. I’ve never actually used any kind of false lashes, as I’m slightly terrified of them. But if they work for you, I say go for it!

3. For Eyebrow Pullers

Eyebrow Makeup


Similar to the winged eyeliner vibe, us Trichers are very fortunate to live in the Era of the Eyebrow! The plethora of eyebrow sets, products and fillers out there these days are a Trichster’s dream, and they have been my saviour for a long time now (not to mention a huge step-up from my tween days, when I used *shudder* black eyeliner pencil for my eyebrows…

Eyebrow Shaping

Another big thing in the beauty world these days is eyebrow filling cosmetic procedures, such as micro-blading, threading and waxing. Pulling eyebrows doesn’t just give thin patches and bald spots, but it can also cause unruly and uneven brows that just won’t quit.

So, these treatments can be lifesavers. I’ve never tried any myself, but I know a lot of Trichsters who swear by these to give their brows a spruce-up and get them feeling more confident!


And there you have it, my top tips for Trichotillomania sufferers to cover those pesky patches! I hope any Trichsters read this and found some new tips, and if you have your own tips, let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, see you guys tomorrow for Day 7 of Blogmas!

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