Christmas Party Look // Blogmas Day 4

It might be a bit early, but you know what? It’s NEVER too early for party fashion, and Christmas party fashion highly outweighs every other type of party fashion ever.  It just does. And what better time to post this post than right after I’ve just been to the first Christmas party of the year?

Well… it’s not technically a “Christmas” party but, it’s December, and I went to a party the other night so… here’s what I looked like!

The Dress


I’m really getting artistic with these photos, aren’t I? Nah, just kidding. Mum took this in the kitchen before I went off to the event, but let’s just move past that shall we?

This dress is from Primark and, I’m not going to lie, I’m absolutely obsessed with it. It’s black velvet, with these beautiful dusky pink/purple roses all over, with off-the-shoulder sleeves and is completely the perfect size for me (size 6). I bought this a few months back on an unplanned trip to the store, and fell in love with it. I knew straight away that this dress is perfect for Christmas!

And, even better, it was only £10!

(unfortunately, I couldn’t find a link to the dress online, however they might still be in store)

The Shoes


I opted out of a huge, horrifying pair of heels this time, purely because I knew I’d be dancing a lot (and I get tired very easily) and I’d be walking/getting the bus to and from this event. On a stroke of luck, after both of us trying to find some Christmas-y coloured heels for a little while, my Mum found these little life-savers a few days before the party!

From Tesco, they are a nude block-heel, but a very modest height (about 2 inches), and I can use them again and again by even wearing them to work. They matched the dress absolutely fine, and – these, too – were just £10 (reduced). Bargain!

The Accessories


This party was, in fact, a masked ball (or should I say “Masquerade” (ooh)). Which meant, we all had to find a mask. Which is, actually, no easy task. Especially when you leave it til the last minute, and don’t have the money for next day Amazon delivery.

Very luckily, we have some great family friends, one of which let me borrow this gorgeous bright red feathered Venetian mask. Because it was borrowed, I’ve got absolutely no clue where this came from, but it was a stunner, and it got so many compliments for it’s funny wavy feathers!

While it didn’t strictly match my dress, it was my statement piece, and I’m going to miss the mystery of the mask at the next party!

And there you have it, my first Christmas party outfit of the year (well, of my life, really… I don’t get invited to many parties, Christmas or otherwise), and I had a blast! Keep an eye out for a post soon, which will be all about the make-up look I had on this night, and some Christmas make-up tips!

Let me know in the comments your favourite Christmas party trends, and whether you’ve got any coming up. See you tomorrow, guys!

Jess x

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  1. missalexiskamille says:

    You look so pretty girl! I love that dress ❤


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