My Apprenticeship Experience (So Far) // Blogmas Day 3

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From the beginning of September 2016, I began my Level 3 Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing. A qualification that not only allows me to “earn while I learn”, but also enables me to get that ever-crucial first year of experience that is vital in almost any industry these days. So, this post is going to be about the first few months of my apprenticeship, how I’ve found it, and the finer details that those looking into what to do after education might be wondering!

What do you do for your apprenticeship/where do you do it?

I’m an apprentice in Digital Marketing, meaning I am studying everything to do with marketing in today’s world, including aspects of social media marketing, SEO, PPC, email marketing and loads more. I’m currently completing the main meat of my apprenticeship at a placement in a Digital Marketing Agency in my home town, however I spend one day a month at college doing assignments that contribute to my qualification.

How did you find your apprenticeship/apply?

I found out about this type of apprenticeship while looking for jobs to do with the media in my local area, and seeing courses at the local college advertised. I then searched for this particular apprenticeship at the local college and, after having some trouble with them, I applied online for the same apprenticeship with another college (this one about an hour away). This new college got back to me almost instantly, and I found that the people there were so much more helpful, and I had a placement within the next few weeks!

There is a particular person at this college who’s role it is to find student’s suitable placements, and it was through her that I found the company I now work for, and after having a short and sweet interview with the man who is now my boss, I was offered a position there.

Who is your apprenticeship provider, and what do you do in college time?

My provider is a college called 3aaa in Southampton, and I attend classes there once a month where we will normally spend the morning watching PowerPoints and learning a particular subject (e.g. Search Engine Optimisation), then the afternoon will be spent completing assignments on these subjects in controlled, sort of exam-like conditions.

How much do you get paid?

I’m not sure if its socially acceptable to say how much I earn a month or whatever, but currently I’m earning the National Minimum Wage for Apprentices, which is about half that of the actual minimum wage (look it up if you’re not sure on what it is).

Is it worth it?

I absolutely think its worth the lower wage! The way I see it, I’m skipping University) which is waayyyy more expensive), and gaining myself a year’s experience on the job which means I could – potentially – get a proper job after this year. I like to think of it as a cheat-code to becoming an adult, without having to get a degree.

What do you do in your role?

I’ve been given the job title of Client Delivery Executive for my agency, which I think sounds super weird and fancy. But in reality, I do a bit of everything. I’m sort of a personal assistant/HR/project manager/copy content writer at the minute. And I do loads of things from filing, to stuffing envelopes, to overseeing projects and client meetings, to writing social media and website content.It really is a great way to learn everything that I’m going to need to complete my qualification, and find the part of the industry that I really love.

How does it work?

Simply put, I go to work every day at 9 and stay til 5:30. I’m paid hourly, I work Monday to Friday. Every month I attend college and complete one assignment, the rest of the assignments will be completed by me at work or at home. That’s… about it really.

Is it weird working alongside adults at your age?

Sort of. But, in the company I work for, there are tons of interns and apprentices, so I don’t feel so alone. The weirdest part is that I’m alongside people who have completed degrees, and doing the same job as them. However my agency is a fairly new one, so no one there is old anyway. And I mean… I’m technically an adult now.I’m glad I’ve chosen after college to do this apprenticeship, as I feel like if I had done it straight out of secondary school, it would have been very different.

Pros and Cons?

Pros: Gaining experience in the working environment – meeting new people – making contacts in the industry – feeling grown-up – earning my own money – not spending thousands at University.

Cons: Lower wage, even if I’m working just as hard as anyone else – having to grow up very quickly – missing out on Uni stuff and feeling like a teenager – lots of responsibility

Would you recommend it? 

Absolutely! If you can find some way to get straight into work doing an apprenticeship or even some unpaid work or volunteering instead of University for the industry you want to work in (obviously if you want to be a doctor, I wouldn’t recommend this), then I say go for it! I’ve always wanted to just get started on being an adult straight away, and work and earn my keep, and that’s what I’m doing!

Thanks for reading, guys, I hope you found this helpful, and if you have any more questions for my about my job or my apprenticeship, leave a comment and I’ll absolutely answer it!

Happy Blogmas, see you tomorow!!




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