Deciding To Do Blogmas!! // Blogmas Day 1

So, as some of you may have noticed (the vast majority of you being Canadians, for some odd reason that I have yet to discover (if you are one of the Canadians who have been frequenting my blog as of late…. who are you? Also, why?) I have not posted in a very very long time. Like, weeks. Even though a couple of months ago, I promised to be posted at least twice a week, every week.

Yeah.. Sorry about that.

Not even sure what happened. I just lost the mojo. Again. Sorry.

But, what better way to remedy an unmotivated spell than to force myself to my absolute limit? Well, you’re about to witness something really special, folks.

I, yes I, am attempting Blogmas.

If you’re unaware of what Blogmas is, it’s fairly self explanatory. It’s where bloggers, like myself, attempt to upload a blog post (YouTubers also take part in these festivities, but with ‘Vlogmas’ instead) every day in December, until Christmas Day. That’s it, really. Which is all well and good for those people who run blogs and YouTube channels for a living (not saying it’s easy work, I’m positive it isn’t), but for people like me who work full time, and also try to have some sort of social life and see my family… this should be interesting.

So guys, just a short one for the first day of December. As you’re reading this, I’m actually getting ready to go to the first Christmas (ish) party of the year, a masquerade ball with my work and other people in the industry we work in. So, for my first Blogmas post, I welcome you to this horrifically committed and scary endeavour with me. Stay tuned for posts every day (I hope), including Christmas fashion and beauty, lifestyle tips, my own experiences, reviews and more!

If you’re taking part in Blogmas or Vlogmas, let me know in the comments and tell me your Twitter or Instagram so that we can all support each other during this festive period (I’m literally so excited for Christmas I can’t deal), and I’ll take a look at your posts and follow you!

Thanks for reading, guys, see you tomorrow…

Oh, and Happy Blogmas!

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