For the second time in almost three months, I braved looking at this page. Well, not this page. The one before. The… you know what I mean. In normal people language; it’s been a long time since I’ve been on the blog. Sorry.

I feel like if I tried to just get back into the swing of things as if there hasn’t been this huge gap in my posts that I’d just be lying to myself and being a flake. Which I guess I am. It’s not like anyone’s religiously reading this blog any way. I guess I just feel bad. I almost made it a year with consistent posts and then somehow, for some reason my mind just did not want to even consider this blog even existed. Don’t ask me why, I’ll be the last to know.

For the longest time in the past few months, even thinking about the blog or what I could do to get it up and (sort of) running again just made me feel a bit…rubbish. And, like a reflex, I had to shove it out of my mind before I felt worse.

Anyway. Enough of the story of me just being a sad sack. I’m working on it, promise. On to happier things.

The summer has been good so far. I’ve been places. Done stuff. Seen people. Been working a fair amount (currently working part-time at Primark), went to Thorpe Park, went on holiday to Athens with my best friend (scary) and been learning to drive. Passed my theory test. Got my A Level results (AAB, for anyone interested) and have been trying to get into an apprenticeship. So… that’s been my summer.

It’s weird, not knowing what you’re going to be doing come September. For thirteen years thus far it’s been a cycle of the academic calendar, over and over. School, summer, school, summer, school. Now it’s the end of that cycle and I’m not sure where I fell off. What I’m doing. What I’m waiting for. Where to go. I’m sure I’ll find it soon.

Until then, I’ll continue to sit here in my PJs, watching zom-coms and thinking about what comes next.

Til next time.