First Tattoo! // My Experience

For anyone who knows me personally, yes, this post is a little late. I’m a horrific procrastinator, sue me.

But that has kind of worked out for the better in this case. On the 11th of March 2016, I got my first tattoo (insert white girl YouTuber intro here). For my 18th birthday which was on the 4th of March, I asked my Dad and Step-mum if they would pay for my tattoo as my birthday present. And they agreed (the hardest part truly over).

(For anyone wondering, I had a great birthday thanks for asking, love you guys.)

So after college on Friday the 11th, exactly a week after my 18th birthday, myself, my step-mum and my best friend went to Urban Image Tattoo Studio in Bournemouth (south of the UK for anyone wondering) where my step-mum had booked and sent a picture through email to a family friend who worked there. Here is a link to the studio’s Facebook page for anyone in the area looking to get tattoo-ed. I found the place really cute and small, very personal and very clean (important!!) and the guy I saw was super friendly, accommodating and is super talented!

I’d known I wanted some kind of tattoo for years, from the emo-phase of wanting a sleeve of lyrics (yikes) to all the hipster-y, minimalist tattoos that are so popular now. But a few months before my birthday I came across this picture:


Is that not the most sappy, white-girl thing you’ve ever seen? Well you’re not wrong. And guess what folks? That’s right, it’s exactly what I got for my first tattoo! We sent off the arrow design on that exact image (after my failed attempts to draw my own) and that was the prep done. It’s a very simple design with no shading or detail at all, and to be honest I like it that way (probably much to the annoyance of my tattoo artist).

On the day, we turned up, I showed my ID, signed consent forms and then Cas (my tattoo artist), cleaned the chosen area, then stenciled my arrow design onto my skin. I chose to place the arrow facing upwards on my left side going from the top of my hip to just below my bra-line. The first time the stencil was put on, the arrow was slightly wonky, and when i moved my torso, the arrowhead would move with it. Not ideal. So after some fiddling and readjusting, we found the place where it looked best.

I then lay down on the comfier-looking-dentist-chair as it looked, on my right side with my left arm over my head to give Cas access to the area I wanted my tattoo. I wish I’d taken more photos of the experience to put here but to be honest I was nervous as hell at this point, so I apologise for it slipping my mind!

And then, you know… Got stabbed with a needle. Repeatedly.

On a pain scale of 1-10 (10 being excruciating), I’d give this experience maybe a 7? Maybe a bit more? I won’t lie, it really did hurt. Apparently the area I chose is not the best as it is so tender and ticklish, therefore sensitive, and my artist himself even said that is his worst place for tattoos personally. Which made me feel better. By far the most painful part was when he did the tiny lines on the bottom of the arrow? Going over the already tattoo’d parts definitely is the worst, I’d say. Luckily though, my design is tiny and uncomplicated and took maybe ten minutes maximum. Then boom, I was done.

My tattoo altogether cost £30, twenty for a deposit and ten after it was done. If anyone ws curious.

After it was finished I was cling-filmed to protect the area from infection (you are supposed to treat new tattoos the same as you would an open wound, apparently), and told to buy a specific cream (actually meant for babies with nappy rash) called Bepanthen, which is available at most supermarkets and drugstores. I was to wash my tattoo with warm water and soap, then put the cream on about three times a day, and was allowed to take the cling-film off after a few hours. Here’s an “artistic” photo I took of my tattoo after I took the cling-film off:


Currently I have had my tattoo for nearly three weeks, and am still following the aftercare routine. This is because I was told my tattoo will be fully healed when it is no longer bumpy, and just feels like part of my skin, and I have not reached this point yet. Hopefully this will happen soon, as I’m not supposed to bath until its healed and I’m bored of showers!

So like… there you have it. Your girl got a tattoo. And yeah I might regret it later on and some people don’t like them blah blah blah…

Honestly, I couldn’t give a shit. I like it.

Thanks for reading! Hope this was helpful? Bye.


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