Valentine’s Day Special: How To Relationship!

So I thought, in the spirit of the occasion (and I’m sorry if you’re a hater), I thought for the infamous V Day, I’d give a bit of worldly advice for those love-struck fools who aren’t feeling the festivities this year. Also mainly for those who are just beginning a relationship, and aren’t sure how to go about it.

Being in a long-term relationship, I will admit first hand, is not easy. I promise you that. But if it works, it can be the most rewarding and best thing in the world. And yes, there will be a million and one cliche, soppy sentiments in this post. But I know you all love it really, you soppy bastards.

So to make introductions as short as possible: here are my personal tips on ‘How To Relationship’…

  1. Don’t be so goddamn serious all the time. Have a laugh. Nothing has to be perfect. Dates don’t have to be the best day of your lives. Sex doesn’t have to be dead romantic. Have a laugh.
  2. Be thoughtful. Try to remember family birthdays, maybe throw in surprise flowers or breakfast in bed once in a while. A little thought can go a long way, you know this person better than anyone else. Make sure you show it.
  3. Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous. Make plans, show initiative. Take a trip or kiss on the pavement. It’ll make everyone around you feel ill but at least you’re having fun, eh?
  4. Impress the parents. Dress up when you meet them and always be polite. They’ll give you the third degree but don’t forget to ask them about themselves. Also counts for siblings and extended family = make an effort!
  5. Patience. 
  6. Try to tolerate your partners friends. They’re the ones your other half goes to when you argue. Don’t piss them off. BUT…
  7. On the other hand, if your partner has a funny feeling about one of your friends, take them seriously. Infuriatingly like parents, they’re almost always right.
  8. Communication is key. I know it’s always said, but talking about something that’s bothering you can be the difference between a slight disagreement, and a breakup. Trust me.
  9. Never sleep without resolving a fight. You really don’t need to sleep on it. You’ll wake up feeling worse, and it’ll be harder to breach the subject again.
  10. Don’t be afraid to admit defeat/apologize. Stop being stubborn and hot-headed. Yes, you. You aren’t right all the time. Stop with the defenses and excuses, and learn say sorry. It will save you so many fights.
  11. If you’re jealous, speak up. It might be really embarrassing, but if there is really nothing to worry about, you will get reassured that that is the case. Don’t let it build up.
  12. Don’t stay in all the time, but don’t feel bad for having couples lazy days.
  14. Try and remember to say “I love you” as much as humanly possible. Honesty, it never gets old.

So there you go I guess. Coming from a girl in the most unexpected, oddest, but longest successful relationship, those are my tips for a good long run. If you love them, make it count.

Good luck, and happy Valentine’s Day guys. Much love.

Jess ❤

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