Top Five LUSH Products!

Now I’m no beauty or lifestyle guru. I’m not one of those bloggers. I’d like to be, don’t get me wrong. They seem to have their lives together (you know what I mean?). But no, not one of those and I don’t think I’ll turn into one. I don’t have the patience for a load of makeup, nor the type of life anyone’s particularly interested in…

But I do know a fair bit about LUSH. Granted, I don’t know everything about every product, and during my time working for the company (which I wrote about here, you should check it out maybe?) I was not making the products, only packing them. However, when I was there I thought I might as well use the discount to my advantage, and try to find some stuff I like, as I’d not had much experience there before.

In this post I will try and find out as much about the products, whether they’re vegan, etc, also with my personal opinion on them. I will also add links to the company’s page on each product on the product name. So behold, my (current and limited) Top 5 Products from Lush! (I’m sorry)


5. FUN  

In a staff sale mid-November, I received a few different versions of ‘Fun’. I gave some to friends and family and kept this little red number to myself. ‘Fun’ comes in different colors, each with a different flavor (flavor? scent?) and mine is citrus fruits (mainly orange and mandarin).

Perfect for kids, I think Fun is such a good idea. It’s vegan, and is a four-in-one product, can be used as a bubble bar, shampoo, soap and (their words not mine) “play!”. It even claims to be be used in hand-washing clothes. I took my small tub when I went away for a few days, using it as body wash and shampoo and it worked fine. I love the concept, the feel is just like play-doe and the smells (obviously) are amazing. However my only problems are with the use are that it doesn’t lather as well as expected, and sometimes if not washed off properly has left dark orange stains on my skin, not to mention my bath!

Made with talc, cornflour and natural oils to create the great scents, Fun even donated a proportion of its proceeds to charities in Japan working to “create safe places for children to have fun after the 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster”, which is heartwarming as always. Definitely recommend!


4. The New! Shampoo Bar

I was recommended to try this after watching numerous YouTube videos talking about it and asking in store for things to help my hair grow. With its infusions of mint and cinnamon, it’s fully designed to create “new” hair (hence the name) by stimulating your follicles until your locks are better than ever. (Also vegan!)

I’m not crazy about the strong cinammon-y smell of the shampoo bar, however I thought if it worked, it would be worth it. And I have seen differences! I don’t use it every day as unfortunately while it stimulated hair growth I find it very drying on my hair, which may be just my hair type, so I need to integrate it with other shampoos, one of which I’ll talk about in a minute.

But, despite the dryness I have seen almost immediate differences. Where there are bald spots in my hair, I see quicker growth and notice it more than I would the rest of my hair, and I’m definitely seeing it. Another good thing I would say about this is that it lasts freaking forever. You can use it again and again and hardly see a size difference in the bar. It also lathers amazingly and the scalp tingle can be really relaxing.


3. Blousey Shampoo

(I’m not sure if the product description I found is exactly the same as the product I own but I’m fairly sure!) I was given Blousey to me as a free sample after a hair appointment at the LUSH Hair Lab. It smells heavily of banana (as its main ingredient) and even has little bits of banana in there (which aren’t fun to wash out of the bottom of the bath but we deal with it). The smell at first put me off but I’ve grown to like it, and I’m really happy with what this product does. On my tub, it claims to be specifically for colored hair (any color) or specifically damaged hair, which I have neither of really. However it does seriously hydrate and moisturize, and I use this alternately with the New shampoo bar to counteract the dryness I get from that.

Blousey is vegan-friendly also and, as a liquid shampoo, does have more synthetic ingredients, however it feels as natural as slapping a banana on your head (but please don’t do that). If you need to regain softness in your hair, I really recommend.


2. Mask of Magnaminty

For second-to-best product I’ve chosen Mask of Magnaminty. I received this in the staff-sale bag as well but loved it so much I had to go back for another a few weeks ago. I don’t use it every day as it’s a lot of effort and I’m lazy.

My skin isn’t too bad to begin with but every time I use it, I feel reborn. My skin is soft, I look a bit brighter, chance of any horrific spots rearing their ugly heads is definitely reduced. I find after use, it’s easier to apply moisturizer and make-up and my face is a lot smoother. It 100% does what it says on the box. I was slightly alarmed by the tingle it leaves as it includes peppermint oil which is very cooling, however it just means it’s working.

While currently not vegan (contains honey), they are currently working on a formula for it to be so, however if you’re like me and not bothered, I would recommend, especially if you’re skin isn’t what you’d like it to be. Perfect for a pamper night or just five minute skin treat before you get out of the bath, it works wonders for me, and smells amazing!


1. Brightside Bubble Bar

Now, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned here before but I’m not the biggest lover of bath bombs. I don’t get the fuss. I can never find ones that smell nice and I don’t like the creamy feel of the water very much. However, bubble bars are my life. If I find one I like the smell of (I’m quite fussy) then it is mine.

I bought Brightside first in the Oxford Street store on a trip to London, and worried that it was a Oxford Street special, but you can imagine my happiness when I found it in Bournemouth as well. Citrus scents are among my favorites, and this is everything I love and more. It smells out of this world, and turns the water a really nice warm orange, without being thick or creamy, and the bubbles are intense! I only use little bits of bubble bar at a time, and see it as a total waste when people use them all in one go. The size of Brightside means this usually lasts me a good six or seven baths and even though this makes it more expensive, I honestly find it worth it.

Bubble bars make the water smell great and I even find it moisturizes my skin more than liquid bubble bath, which can set off eczema for any that suffer, but these don’t. Bubble bars are honestly my favorite type of Lush product by far and this trumps all others, in my opinion. I just really hope they keep it around!

So that was my top 5 LUSH stuff, I hope you enjoyed and maybe take some recommendations from this. If you want me to do more beauty/skin/cosmetic reviews or talk about more beauty and health stuff then leave a comment or send me a message, I’ll be happy to do so!

Thanks a lot, stay awesome!


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