My Goals for 2016

My last post was a little rant-y, and I didn’t mean it to be. If I came across as miserable and a downer on New Years, I apologize. Like I said, I really do get it, I understand it. So to backtrack and join the camaraderie, here’s a list of stuff I’d like to do or improve on in the next year. Some will be personal, some general, but maybe at the start of 2017 I can look back and say I’ve become a happier person. Let’s hope so!

  1. Move out! (As a few know, I’ve been accepted into my top choice university and, depending on my exam grades in June, I will be moving a few hours away on my own for the first time! And I am hella excited.)
  2. Study my ass off and get at least an ABB)
  3. Go places! (I haven’t been on a proper holiday for a few years, and I currently am planning on going to both Prague and Portugal in March, hopefully this list will be added to before the end of the year!)
  4. Go out and make memories
  5. Turn 18 and get my tattoo!!
  6. Get help to fight depression and Trich
  7. Spend time with those I know love me
  8. Make better friends
  9. Get a new job!
  10. Carry on with this blog, and continue to write anything and everything I want.

It’s not much, and all pretty general stuff that’s gonna take a while to work on, and I might not do all of it. The only thing I really want by the end of this year is to have placed myself in a better position, mentally and physically, than I am right now. If I can make some great memories and have a laugh while I’m doing that, then even better.

What are your goals and resolutions for the new year? Anything big? Let me know in the comments of this post, I’d love to hear them!

Thanks again for the year guys, let’s make the next one even better.

Much love,


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