Gift Guide 2015! // A Christmas Series

Hello again! I know, three posts in three days… try not to have a heart attack. I’m shocked too.

Anyways so, if you lot are like me at this time of year and 1) leave everything til the last minute, gift-wise and 2) never know what to get until sporadic and random moments of inspiration hit, which may or may not happen, then you might need some help.

Christmas is all about giving, they tell us. Bollocks. It’s about giving, sure, but it’s also about stressing yourself silly over things that people probably wont even take much notice of in the excitement of the big day.

So I’m here to calm your stressing heads with some little ideas for the lovely people in your life.

Obviously, I don’t know those around you, you know them much better than most, so if something listed here isn’t suitable for them, that’s fine, do your own thing! These are just a few little ideas for those awkward to buy for people, general things and ideas that you could chuck in last minute for the extra touch! So let’s get on with it!

The Parents

Everyone knows the hardest to buy for people are your parents. They’re old enough to already have everything, and buy anything they need themselves. This is where I come in! Jess to the rescue!

This year, for my mum, I was really stuck. I don’t tend to buy big things for my parents, just lots of little things such as clothes they’ve seen and asked for or things I think they’ll like. I also get mum a calendar every year, and she is very picky with her calendars and I’m the only one who really knows what to look for. I got her calendar this year from Tesco, and it’s a big family one, so great for busy and organised mums everywhere:


However my big idea for mum this year was her Pamper Hamper. I saw this idea in a YouTube video and instantly thought of her. I bought a tiny pretty basket from Poundland (yes, I know, I’m cheap as f*ck) and filled it with treats for a cosy night in. I bought pyjamas, a lily scented candle, slippers, a bath scrubbie, Lush products, chocolates and other smellies. And I think it turned out great!

Dad. Oh, Dad. Why you gotta be so damn difficult to buy for? I struggle with this one every year, and normally have to ask mum or step-mum to help. Some great generic ideas can be socks (a joke one I always get for my dad), DVDs and books and music that they might like, techy stuff like headphones, laptop equipment or things like that if they need them, smelly stuff like shower sets, clothes, food (my dad = cake) and general jokey gifts that you can find in most shops. You know, the cringey stuff like Dad Joke Books and singing snowmen? Dads are usually happy with anything and will pretend to like it, even if they don’t.


Another good idea for Dads is family stuff. If they’re a big family man and love Christmas time to get away from work and do the Dad thing, then maybe a nice framed family photo or family night in box could do wonders.

The Grandparents

This year, I was instructed by my dad to buy some nice food for the grandparents. I went out and got some posh fruit cake and biscuits from M&S. Going to somewhere known for more posh/expensive food shows people that while it might not have broken the bank, you’re thinking more about it than just popping into Tesco’s and getting some Family Circle.


However, for those who are closer to their oldies (come on, they are old), there are other options. Again, family related things like framed photos or albums of your parents, siblings, cousins, etc, especially if there’s been a big family event this year, like a wedding. Also things like scarves, clothes, music and books are safe and inexpensive!

The BF/GF/Significant Other

Ah, the big one. Ok, here goes.

Obviously, you know this person better than most, if you’ve been together for a while. Therefore, you know what they like and they may have even dropped some hints as of recent, so make sure to pay attention to those during shopping trips and conversations.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for four years now (I know), so we know each other… a lot. My safest bet with him is clothes (people always need clothes and shirts are a safe bet, size-wise for everyone) and nerdy stuff. He’s a huge comic-book nerd, so merch or gadgets or anything related to that type of thing makes me think of him. Again, books, DVDs and music always go down well with guys as long as you know they might enjoy it and don’t already have it (pro tip: have a scout around next time you’re over their house and check the shelves for stuff they might already have. It’s not nosy if it’s for a good cause!).

((((also I would love to share what I bought for him for Christmas however I know he will be reading this post before he gets the presents, so no, Connor, stop being a little shit))))


Girls, I think, are a lot simpler. We’re easy to please. Make-up, clothes, jewellery, perfume. If she isn’t a “girly” girl then maybe a romantic or fun day out for the both of you, like a cinema date, trip to a fancy restaurant or day in another city won’t be too expensive, but memories tend to be more special gifts than items.

For all male, female, and all those in between partners, cute stuff is always a great idea. Even if they aren’t a true romantic, chances are a cute card, teddy or hug coupons will go further in their hearts than a meaningless DVD.


…and their family

Now this one is scary for me, as I’m sure it is for all of you out there, especially if you’re buying your S/O’s parents something for the first time. So, my advice to you, is: go generic. You cannot go wrong with thoughtful and general.

This year, I got for my boyfriend’s family a DVD (The Avengers: A.O.U) and chocolates. Now, the chocolates were difficult as certain members of the family are Coeliac (issues with gluten, basically) so I decided to do some internet research into what brands of Christmas chocolates are gluten free, and found that Quality Street are. This is an important factor, if any of the family are allergic to anything or suffer from anything like Coeliac Disease, it can mean a lot more that you put the effort into finding something suitable for them rather than just any old thing.Quality-Street-chocolates-014.jpg

I also got a little something for his brother, but that wasn’t necessary, I just saw it and thought of him, so if you see something and think a member of the family might like it, that can mean a lot to someone as you didn’t have to, but thought of them anyway.

I also got some LUSH bath stuff called “Fun” for them, as a jokey/fun (ha, geddit?) present. Bath and smelly stuff is always a great present for anyone as it’s luxurious, thoughtful, and not something people tend to buy themselves.DSCN0410

The Siblings

Inside jokes make for a great present! I only have one step-brother who is seven, so we don’t really have any of those. However for younger (and even older) siblings, asking your parents can be the perfect solution. Obviously, the same as many others can be used. Bath/shower stuff, clothes, DVDs, books, etc, etc. It’s really not too difficult.

The Besties

Come on guys, surely that one’s easy? Have some faith in yourselves.

Secret Santa!

Possibly one of the most awkward things about the holiday season. If it’s with a close group of friends, you’re fine. However, with work colleagues or even classmates, this can be almost impossible. But no fear! Jess is here! (Even though she didn’t actually take part in any Secret Santas this year…)

Normally with a S.S there’s a set budget. Whether this is £5, £10 or more, one thing that can never fail is food. Obviously, you may not know this person’s taste well however chocolate, sweets, biscuits and general fat Christmas food always goes down a treat (ba-dum-ts).

If food isn’t your forte, then another great idea is this website (Firebox – weird and wonderful gifts for all your most random needs) or this website (Prezzybox – a more normal approach to gifts.) Both have sections for gifts under certain amounts, and can be generalised to pretty much everyone! Voila, awkward Secret Santa, done! No fuss!

So there you have it, my (very late, apologies) Christmas Gift Guide for 2015! If you’re reading this in the early 2016, feel free to use it for brthdays or even next Christmas! Sorry if it was shit, but I’m pretty proud of this post!

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas, or holiday season if you don’t celebrate, and that 2016 is your best year yet! Thanks for reading guys, stay awesome.

Jess xx

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