Updates: Noses, University and Christmas!

Hello and happy holidays! I’ve been AWOL for a while now from this little blog and I’d like to apologize (not that anyone really cares lol) for being away.

The last time I posted was at the start of November when I got my nose pierced. That’s healed up completely fine in the mean time, no problems whatsoever! (Except when it gets knocked and the stud pokes out… ouch). So no real problems to report there.

I’ve also in this time sent off my university applications (eeek!!). Five of them. And a few weeks ago I got my last reply, with offers from all five! Result! I then had to decline three and accept two, one top choice, one insurance. So now I am awaiting my exam results and have places waiting for me at The University of Portsmouth and The University of Winchester to study BA (Hons) Media Studies or BA (Hons) Media Studies, Communication and Social Media. Excited is not the word!

When I put up the nose piercing post, that was around the time I started my time at LUSH, if anyone remembers. Well, it is now the 21st of December and my last day was yesterday! It was only a Christmas contract so I worked hard for about 8 weeks, earned some moolah (hells yeah) and am now jobless for the first time since September 2014. But no fear, I’m not worried or upset. I’m feeling optimistic. I’m looking around places now for somewhere to start in the new year. I’m going for anything I can, but another new start will be good for me.

I really really enjoyed my time at the LUSH factory, and I will be writing a post about my employment with them (so if you have any questions you want answered about it, leave them in a comment on this post!).

I will also be posting a top LUSH products that I have used and loved as I think that would be something different that some of you might be interested in. IF you want me to review anything in particular while I still have my discount (oh yeah, that discount), leave products in the comments as well and I will use them and review them!

I think, as it is that time of year, I should probably do some Christmassy blog posts, maybe advice or my own Christmas traditions, things like that, so keep your eyes peeled!

I guess that’s all for now…. I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season and I will see you very soon (and hopefully wont leave it as long as last time… I know, I suck.)

Merry Christmas, stay awesome!

Jall x

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