So in about an hour or so, I have a job interview with a very large company that is based in my town. I won’t name any names (but if I was it would be a cosmetics company that rhymes with “RUSH”), but needless to say I am very, very nervous about this.

I haven’t had a proper interview in over a year and this one came about quite suddenly. I applied a few weeks ago, expecting nothing to come of it, and yesterday, after missing a few calls and having to ring back, I have my interview at half past 10 this morning so really, have not had much time to mentally prepare myself at all. NERVOUS.

Now, I know realistically what I should be thinking. Things like “What’s the worst that can happen?” “They can’t hurt me.” “If it goes badly, at least I still have a job and I can move on.” “It’s all just practice”. My brain, however still doesn’t actually listen to these mantras and decides to give me major butterflies, and pale-face jitters at the thought of being in a room with a person in a posh suit, talking about myself. Ugh.

So, to calm myself down before I attempt to get ready in my “interview outfit” (the only remotely smart clothes I own other than a prom dress), I’m going to write for you (and mainly me), some Top 10 Interview Tips and some advice, for any of those who get as nervous as I do. Here we go!

  1. OUTFIT. This is, of course, one of the most obvious, yet most important. First impressions count so much, and it doesn’t hurt to stand out. What I have learned is not to be afraid of overdressing. I am one of those people who is scared of showing myself up at all occasions. I almost didn’t wear a dress to prom because of this. Do not be afraid to scrub up nice and look like you could kill a man in business heels.
  2. BE PUNCTUAL. Again, obvious, but super super important. Make sure you know where you are going for your interview, and exactly what time. Try and be about 5-10 minutes early, that way you’re not waiting around, but you look eager and better to the the employer. Simple stuff.
  3. MANNERS. For the love of all things holy, say “please” and say “thank you” at every opportunity. Open doors for people, if the time arises. Sit properly, hands in your lap, feet on the floor. Try not to slouch. Just…. be polite, people. S’not that hard.
  4. MIRRORING.Okay this is a little trick I’ve learned (yes, I got it from a BuzzFeed video and tried it out… works though). To make yourself subconsciously more appealing to the employer, mirror their movements and positions. Keep your arms low and open, try to copy their stance or sitting position, move when they move (but don’t make it creepy). However, don’t go over-board and spend your time distracted with making your arm at the right angle, and thus forgetting the question they asked.
  5. STAND OUT. Okay, for anyone like me who prefers to just stay in the background and hide, this is by far the hardest one. The whole point of the interview is to see if you’re suitable for the job, and also so that you have the chance to outshine other potential employees. You have to be out -there but not too out-there. Make (appropriate) jokes, get a laugh out of them, make yourself an appealing candidate.
  6. STEP INTO THEIR SHOES. Put yourself in the mind of your interviewer. They have probably been through this process countless times, with countless other candidates. They are probably bored, and tired. They just want to find someone. Be the type of person you would want to hire.
  7. BRING THE STUFF. Another glaringly obvious piece of advice, but easy to forget! Bring with you to the interview any documents or things they have asked for. This can include passports, birth certificates, any other type of ID, your C.V (or “resume” for those Americans) or anything else. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE IT. If you don’t, you will come across unprepared and not willing, or lazy. Big no-no.
  8. BE KNOWLEDGEABLE. This refers to the company itself. When I found out I had this interview, I immediately went on a research binge to find out all I could about this company, and their products. A bit of the history, their ethics, what they do and how they do it, and kept in mind some of my favourite products. It shows you’re willing to learn, and are passionate about the company. Don’t be afraid to be a kiss ass.
  9. BE PREPARED. Think logically about what questions you might be receiving, and have relevant answers to hand. Typical questions include things like what your strengths and weaknesses are, what you like about the company, what you can bring to it. Honestly, just Google “interview questions” and you’ll be good to go. Give ’em a practice before hand with a friend or family member, all practice is good practice.
  10. HAPPY THOUGHTS. Everyone knows how nervous you are. You’re meant to be, it’s super scary. But keep in mind that they’re just people, and it’s all practice for the future. If you get the job: great! Well done! I’m so proud of you! And if you don’t: it’s not the end of the world.

Hope this helps, guys, I’m off now. Wish me luck!

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