Justified Injustice // Poetry Series

Black Lives Matter – Ballad

High in the summer season,

A man is found shot dead,

In the American town of Ferguson,

There is violence and trouble ahead.

A man named Michael Brown,

Always seen as beneath,

And another, wrongly righted,

They cannot breathe.


Nothing could prepare them,

For acts so cruel and unjust,

By those supposed to help them,

The loss of all their trust.

Family and friends conjoin,

Their sorrow laid bare underneath,

The fear the white man will return,

Don’t forget; they cannot breathe.


Soon enough another,

Is taken, like the rest,

A son, father, a brother,

Unmerciful hands around his neck.

A man named Eric Garner,

Just like you and me,

Was killed because of his skin colour,

Saying “I can’t breathe

Now riots are breaking,

The fight for justice goes on,

These men and women do not deserve to die,

They have been fighting far too long.

“Black Lives Matter”

The hashtags scream from every tweet,

We must fight alongside them,

Because they cannot breathe.


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      Thank you!!

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      1. Welcome my friend!!


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