Introduction… Or Something

New blog, new start, eh? Here goes nothing.

Hello my name is Jess and I’m starting this blog because my previous one (that did contain many of the posts I will be putting up later today) was on a platform I feel that wasn’t for me any more, and I wanted a change of scenery. (That sounded patronising and pretentious. It was Tumblr, okay? It was Tumblr. Say no more.)

I hope WordPress will be the place in which I’m able to continue my blogging and (hopefully) improve but who knows. We’ll see.

So because of this change many posts will be going up from either some months and some even years ago, however they will be jumpy as I’m cutting a lot of the ones I’m no longer fond of. For that I apologise, but bear with me. I hope this “journey” (insert terrible adventure/roller-coaster metaphor here) will be worth it.

Until then I’d best introduce myself.

I’m Jess, I’m 17, and I like music (a lot), the internet (even more), collecting notebooks, terrible girly films and procrastinating. When I “grow up” (fat chance) I’d love to be a counsellor or an author or a magazine editor or a lecturer or professional bed-tester. But those are just ideas, so far.

So here’s to not buggering this up!

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